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CBD products are now flooded in the market. This has led to a significant decrease in the quality provided. Various companies have shifted their attention to restore the lost hope on the quality of CBD products, Supa Naturals being one of them. Inaccuracy in potency variance has led to many companies abandoning brands supplying them with CBD products. Supa Naturals has taken advantage of such situations and is now building on the strength of its competitor’s weaknesses. We had to scan the QR codes severally to confirm their potency variance. We obtained an accurate variance; none was beyond the 10% limit. The company’s website is up to date, with the latest features that enhance navigation. BBB and FDA have accredited the company. Since one of our primary concerns is its reputation, we decided to dig deeper and find out whether they had received any warnings from either FDA or BBB, but we couldn’t find any. To learn more about the company, keep reading this review.

About the Company

Supa Naturals was established in 2019 to restore the lost hope on quality. According to its website, its primary aim was to improve people’s health and wellness using high-quality hemp-derived products. Besides, the company has been a good ambassador of the CBD trademark since it offers tutorials on how to use CBD products. It also offers educative blogs explaining how the products have positively impacted most people’s lives. Unlike most CBD companies committed to making profits, the company also gives back to the community as a way of showing gratitude. According to its website, it donates a quarter of its total profits to non-profitable organizations. To locate special groups in need of donations, they allow their customers and any other person visiting its website to offer suggestions of such groups for future support.

The company has been transparent as it opened its doors, providing adequate information about its operations and co-founder Susan. According to the website, Susan was diagnosed with Lyme disease in her early 30’s and was desperate to find a permanent solution for her condition. As she was doing her research, a friend, who was a medical expert, suggested CBD formulations, which made her fully recover. As a result, she wanted to offer the same or even better help to people suffering similar conditions or even worse.

Navigating the Supa Naturals website is quite fascinating and quick. Their greatest concern has been customer satisfaction and improving their health and wellness using organic products. If you wish to try their products, click on the “shop” link to access the product catalog, which is excellently displayed.

The company offers the product’s name, THC levels, and the prices under the products catalog. However, if you wish to get more information on the product, click on the particular item. This will help you access its product description, including the extraction method, ingredients, potency levels, dosage, how to administer it, and its purpose. If the product matches your requirements, add it to your shopping cart. Repeat the same process for the products you desire and confirm the list from the shopping cart in orange at the top right. If any of the products are not needed, click on “remove from cart,” and it will be off your shopping list within seconds. Proceed and make payments from the bank or credit card to approve your order. After payments have been approved, which takes less than two minutes, you will receive an email to confirm your purchases. You will be offered a tracking number to monitor your products until they are delivered in the email.

In our case, we received our products on the third day, and they were discreetly packed. The company insists that anyone buying from them confirm the product’s condition on arrival to ensure they are in good condition. In addition, if you find the products to be ineffective within 30 days, request a refund, and the company will offer a full refund through its support team. You can receive customer care assistance via email address ([email protected]), message box, or physical address (1567 Highland Dr. NE Suite 110, #154 Issaquah, WA 98029). Notably, exchange requests should be made within 48 hours, while full refund claims are only accepted within 30 days: the products must be in their original packaging.

The company has social media platforms where customers interact, and they update its customers on any adjustments. Also, you can use social media platforms to reach its support team. As we went through them, we noticed it educates its customers by posting educative blogs about CBD. Besides, if you have any concern that you think needs to be addressed without reaching its support team, you can visit its FAQ page, which is divided into two parts; questions on Supa Natural and general CBD concerns.

Manufacturing Process

Supa Naturals is an authorized farmer and manufacturer of BBB and FDA’s organic hemp and hemp-based products. The manufacturing process is conducted within the USA. They engage in organic hemp plant farming to ensure quality is under control in Kentucky. According to its website, they have a team of agricultural experts overseeing the farming practices until the hemp is ready for processing. The company prefers the hand-picking harvesting method to machines since significant parts of the plant, such as the flower, might be interfered with.

After harvesting, the hemp is taken to the manufacturing facility nearby for processing. Before processing, they ensure they have extracted significant cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp. The crude oil extracts are further processed among other naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil that enhances effectiveness through its rapid absorption.

The company has an in-house independent lab that assesses each batch thrice after being crafted for purity and potency affirmation. First, the variance of CBD and THC levels have to be retained below 10% and 0.3%, respectively, as set by the FDA for consumers’ safety. In addition, the lab has to ensure all the products are void of solvents that might interfere with the purity of the products, such as heavy metals. After the results have been obtained, the brand posts them on their website for pre-purchase verification. They also offer QR codes for customer post-purchase verification, which is important.

Range of Products

Supa Nutarals products are among the best products you can use within the CBD market. They are manufactured by a team of experts and tested for purity and potency. Some products include tinctures, topicals, capsules, gummies, and pet products.

Supa Naturals CBD Tinctures

Unlike other products, people prefer tinctures because they are offered in liquid form, making digestion easier. The company recommends a 1m drop for first-timers, which is to be placed under the tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing. The company offers different potency levels ranging from 1000 mg at $74, 2000 mg at $134, and 500 mg at $46. You can also add your dose to your favorite drink or food if you opt not to take it orally or sublingually. They are formulated using organic CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for effectiveness. Lastly, they are offered in various flavors, though unflavored formulation also exists.

Supa Natural CBD Topicals

The company offers unique topicals, including beauty products with anti-aging features, that always make your skin look vibrant. The company has listed various oils such as MCT oil, blended in CO2 hemp plant extracts for easy application and rapid effectiveness. While making purchases, you need to check on the purpose of the products and whether they meet your demands. Unlike the rest of the products, they are ideal for topical use only.

Supa Naturals CBD Capsules

Capsules have been recommended as the second-best way of administering your daily CBD dose after gummies. Capsules are easy to travel with, as well as administering. The company recommends its customers to consume them at a go with the aid of their favorite beverage or pure water. Notably, it should only be taken orally. The capsules are manufactured using hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for easy absorption in the body. Currently, the company only offers one potency level of capsules; 25 mg per capsule in a bottle of 30 counts at $58.

Supa Natural CBD Gummies

Gummies are considered the most effective way of taking your CBD dosage, as they are discreet. It is hard for someone to notice you are consuming CBD gummies unless they see the package with a CBD sticker. Moving around is also easy, and it is recommended for oral use only. Currently, the company offers them in two potency levels that are 300 mg at $35 per 30 counts (each having 10 mg) and 750 mg at $56 (each having 25 mg).

What We Like About the Company

The company has well-catered for the accuracy of its products and restrained THC levels and contaminants. All CBD variance products don’t exceed 10%. THC levels are also below the 0.3% limit set by FDA. Although the brand is not clear about their USDA certification, they have been certified by FDA, BBB and all their products are non-GMO and organic. They also have an in-house lab, which helps them develop accurate lab results. Lastly, all the products are vegan and cruel-free, and both PETA and Leaping Bunny have approved them.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company has a lot of things under control, there are a few things that ought to be addressed. First, since the CBD market is growing far and wide, they need to open up their market and start offering international shipping. Also, since they have an in-house lab, they need to offer standard contaminant tests.

Overall Verdict

Since potency variance is not a concern to Supa Natural, we highly recommend its products to anyone looking for quality CBD products. However, the company needs to address a few concerns to ensure its relevance is maintained due to the rising levels of competition.


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