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The market is flooded with many companies offering CBD products. However, some CBD companies do not satisfy customers’ needs regarding health, although they claim to manufacture the best products. The Sunday Scaries CBD brand is ideal if you seek legit CBD products. This highly reputable company helps clients alleviate anxiety through their cannabidiol products. Sunday Scaries’ goals differ from other CBD companies. They are transparent and provide an easy formulation of their products. In addition, its products are affordable, which becomes convenient for clients to purchase. The Sunday Scaries CBD brand provides a range of products, including oil tincture, gummies, cannabidiol infused energy beverages, edible candy, and CBD oils. Also, they sell and manufacture dog treats, but those products are sold under FOMO Bones. The company also manufactures high-quality products free from THC but are loaded with other cannabinoids. All these products contain vitamin D3 and vitamin B12, which regulate the immune system, ease depression and alleviate pain. Keep reading this review to learn more about this brand.

About the Company

Sunday Scaries CBD company was founded by Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt, who started venturing into CBD products to help them feel calmer and relaxed. When using these products to relieve their panic attacks, they did not experience side effects, and they were encouraged by the health benefits of cannabidiol. However, CBD products were expensive, and the cannabidiol powders needed intricate measuring techniques and scales to attain an actual dosage. The CBD companies offered minimum details concerning the products, and the clients could not locate appropriate dosages or basic information about the products. Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt were discouraged by those CBD options, and they established their own cannabidiol company. They aimed at maximum transparency to enable simple dose products. Sunday Scaries brand provides relevant information mostly on their products page. For instance, you might find product usage or recommendation, reviews, ingredients, and general information on their website. The company prescribes the consumption of 1-3 gummies daily. In addition, they propose taking 0.33 off the oil dropper below the tongue and keeping it for a minimum of ten seconds to promote sublingual uptake. On every page, you can click on the laboratory report to access COA (Certificate of Analysis) issued by an independent third-party lab. These laboratory results show the THC and CBD levels, microbiological screening, heavy metal screening, and terpene profile. Also, they indicate that the products are free of yeast, E. coli, and solvent residuals. However, the product tags fail to offer much information. Sometimes, you can get supplement details like calories, although the label indicates other ingredients. For instance, AF vegan gummies indicate vitamin D and B12 on the product label. However, the labels do not show CBD content or dosage on particular products like gummies. Also, although the CBD content in the tinctures is listed, their website contains many products on different pages. The company has designed its website clearly, making it convenient for navigating. This helps you to search any essential data required before ordering an item. Also, they offer their phone number, making communication easier.

Manufacturing process

According to Sunday Scaries CBD company, they use organic grown Colorado hemp. Since the company does not possess a farm, they purchase from family-owned ones. After purchase, the CBD brand uses carbon dioxide extraction to remove cannabinoids. This method of extraction is regarded as the best standard for manufacturing processes. Interestingly, the process is environmentally friendly and solvent-free. The company produces an exceptionally broad spectrum with 100% THC-free vitamin D3 and B12 mixed into every product. Also, they utilize coconut oil in certain products. Since Sunday Scaries uses artificial additives, all their constituents are organic. In particular, the Yolo energy beverages provided by this company have caffeine, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and CBD. All its products undergo third-party laboratory testing, where they depend upon Infinite Chemical Analysis laboratories to conduct the examination. Nonetheless, although the company aims at transparency, only the COA/lab results for certain batches are published online. For you to access laboratory results, click on the link to download or view the COA.

We checked the laboratory reports for Sunday Scaries cannabinoid oil containing vitamins. The results showed that it was loaded with 516 milligrams of CBD, different from the 500 milligrams indicated on the tag. However, this amount is below the 10% variance. Also, we investigated the laboratory results for the vegan cannabidiol gummies with vitamins and established that it had 97.94 milligrams of cannabidiol for ten gummies. Nevertheless, the company does not indicate cannabidiol proportion on the tag. Since the chemical screening remains were within the allowed range, it implies that only insignificant residue of this substance is in the batch examined. In addition, the batch does not show any heavy metal present in the products.

Range of products

Sunday Scaries Gummies

Sunday Scaries’ clients can select between vegan and standard gummies. Every bottle has 20 sweet candy treats packed with 10 milligrams of cannabidiol per gummy. Also, every bite contains a tropical fruit taste. Their vegan AF cannabidiol gummies are strengthened with vitamin D3, broad-spectrum cannabidiol, and vitamin B12. These gummies are free from animal products and gelatin. They have flavoring such as mouth-puckering sour and sweet. The company’s standard gummies are tiny and fail to meet the vegan procedure but are delicious. Both vegan and standard gummies are flavored with sugar cane and are ideal for those with diabetes.

Sunday Scaries Energy shots

This product is sold in twelve packets. The cannabidiol energy shots have 50 milligrams of cannabinoids and caffeine. These cannabinoids in this product stimulate calmness to prevent you from experiencing jitteriness that results from taking caffeine-energy beverages directly. Also, every shot has 5-HTP, Taurine, Ginseng, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and non-chemical green coffee beans without THC. What’s more, the shots are provided in 3 flavors, including fruit punch, tropical pineapple, and coconut lime. The caffeine and CBD content in Sunday Scary Energy shots stimulate you while helping you to relax. We tried the above flavors, and each of them was yummy, not exceedingly sweet. On their website, they explain the benefits of cannabidiol energy shots in the body. The company indicates that the cannabidiol functions proportionally with your body’s endocannabinoid system when ingested. This system controls moods and comprises two receptors, including CB2 and CB1. The cannabinoid in the energy shots positively impacts these CB2 receptors. Sunday Scaries CBD company claims to establish an accurate mixture of CBD and caffeine in the Yolo Energy shots.

Sunday Scaries CBD oil having Vitamins

This cannabinoid oil tincture has 500 milligrams of cannabidiol and functions to 10 milligrams per serving. Also, it contains vitamin D3, vitamin B12, coconut oil, and stevia (a sweetener). This oil has a moderate and almost delicious taste. The cannabinoid oil tincture is available in a glass dropper, simple to utilize. The company proposes using 0.33 of a dropper filled with oil and holding it below the tongue for approximately 10 seconds. If there is no desire to use it sublingually, this brand company recommends blending it into a smoothie or beverage. Alternatively, you can apply the tincture into your skin or lotion across the skin’s surface for high dermal uptake.

Sunday Scaries Bath Bombs

Select one of these bath bombs with many colors and add them to a hot bath. Every bath bomb has 50 milligrams of cannabidiol. In addition, they are blended with peppermint oil, lavender, orange, Italian lemon, and coconut oil. The smell is a combination of black raspberry and vanilla. The bath bombs come in 3 or 6 packs and cost $59 for 3 bombs functioning to $0.21 per mg.

Sunday Scaries Candy

The manufacturers avail these candies in 10 colored rainbow bindings. Every belt or binding of this chewy product has 10 milligrams of cannabidiol. They contain pure sugarcane and coconut oil. The company states that these candy belts provide rapid energy and CBD.

What we like about the company

  • Sunday Scaries CBD company guarantees money back or refunding for any unsuitable product.
  • Its monthly subscription helps in saving cash.
  • The company assures free delivery for orders beyond $69 within 7-10 days.
  • The products are solvent-free because the company uses the carbon dioxide extraction method.

What we dislike about the company

  • The brand has limited product alternatives
  • All products have either organic sweetener or sugar
  • The company has no live communication feature
  • The cannabinoid content is not indicated on the product labels

Overall verdict

Sunday Scaries company is legit, and all its products are safe. It uses the carbon dioxide extraction method, and all its products undergo third-party testing to remove impurities while approving potency and purity. Therefore, we recommend people to try them, but they should consult the doctor if they have any health issues.



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