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With the advancement in technology, the production aspect is also growing, and individuals rely on industries to anchor their living, especially their health. Unfortunately, some industries have majored in quantity production instead of offering high-quality products, causing negative health impacts. Quality should be your priority when purchasing any product, especially CBD products. Finding an authentic company offering high-quality products is quite challenging. However, there are those committed to meeting the requirements of clients fully. Funky Farms records a significant number of reviews. It is the best CBD trademark with organic full and broad spectrum quality hemp. Also, their third-party laboratory test results are accurate. The company upholds transparency and has broad product varieties. Funky Farms products are affordable and their prices are lower than other CBD brands.

Additionally, this company has multiple delivery speeds and rates for clients who desire alternatives. Funky Farms posts the purity, potency, quality, and third-party laboratory reports for every item on its website under the “Laboratory Results” link. Before ordering an item, clients can confirm the potency of every preferred product. Funky Farms manufactures daily dose packets, gel capsules, tinctures, CBD gummies, and broad vape product selection. These products have undergone testing for heavy metals, microbes, solvents, standard residuals, and contaminants, exempting one product test. Continue reading our reviews for more truths about this company.

About the company

Funky Farms upholds public trade and is owned by a Cannabis company known as TerraSend, which controls the trademark Original Blend. The Funky Farms Hemp’s mission is to create awareness concerning cannabidiol hemp oil’s wellness and health benefits. The brand does not offer concrete information on its official website, such as a mission statement, but its cannabinoid wholesale site states that it is committed to improving industrial standards by supplying new products. In addition, they rely on obtaining non-chemical hemp from quality vineyards located in Oregon. This enables them to manufacture their best hemp cannabidiol products, approved by the third-party laboratory results available online.


Funky Farms CBD company was formed in 2017 and is located in Florida. The company has confirmed many contented clients’ reviews documented and submitted voluntarily and regularly on the official website. In addition, the brand utilizes social media platforms like Instagram to educate Cannabidiol consumers and outline insightful client reviews. Also, their consumer’s service is exceptional, responding within a single day, and they support their products fully. If the clients are not contented, Funky Farms CBD brand refunds or exchanges any order within one month. Furthermore, the brand’s tagline is “No Junk, All Funk.”


The company uses GMP compliant facility in manufacturing its products. It utilizes proprietary methods in every step of its cannabidiol process, from gathering to packing. Also, their cannabidiol oil is obtained from organic hemp, non-GMO, with cannabinoids full and broad spectrum for optimizing the impacts of their products. The test reports published online were simple to understand and coincided perfectly with the product’s labels and batch numbers. Alternatively, consumers can scan the provided QR code on all products’ boxes and labels. After scanning, they will be redirected to laboratory results on the official website to key in the batch number indicated on the tag. The laboratory result for the Alaskan Ice tincture we ordered showed a variance below the 10% allowed limit. The company recommends that the vegan cannabinoid gummies and Alaskan Ice tincture be orally or sublingually used. Also, their gel capsules contained 50 or 1500 milligrams/ bottle. In addition, the laboratory reports indicated a 0.8 % variance in cannabidiol amount at 1512 overall or 50.4 milligrams of CBD with no THC. This value was less than 10 percent legal variance. As indicated on the labels, every product ordered was tested and confirmed to be below the 0.3 percent THC limit. The precision variances for Funky Farms’ products are perfect and significantly lower than 10 percent acceptable variance and potency. Regarding purity, all the products were examined for contaminants. Surprisingly, the third-party laboratory showed that 1000 milligrams of Alaskan Ice tincture recorded some amounts of pesticide.


Official laboratory results are published on each item page online. They post the independent third-party reports for every product on their main “Laboratory Results” webpage, and clients can conveniently access tabs for all the distinct products provided. Also, these products’ independent third-party laboratory tests are accessible for clients to download and view. Independent cannabidiol testing is a vital safety and quality measure to guarantee that what appears on the product’s tag concerning THC and CBD content matches one of every final item a client receives. All products found in my Funky Farms purchase were proven to have the normal THC and CBD terpenes and potency and passed through purity examinations for various contaminants like pesticides, E. Coli, heavy metals, and solvents.

Manufacturing process

Funky Farms CBD brand is an authorized, legal grower of the best organic hemp. All their products are obtained from United States vineyards in Northern Oregon. Funky Farms uses 100 percent verified organic and plant-based products. As published on the product inserts and labels, these products are non-GMO constituents without fillers, additives, fertilizers, pesticides, or synthetics. Funky Farms also performs third-party laboratory examinations for each product to verify potency and purity and ensure that the cannabinoid quantity indicated on the tag matches with the bottle’s content.

Additionally, the company employs a pure carbon dioxide extraction process for their overall products, excluding the gummies extracted from ethanol, as evident in laboratory results. Funky Farm’s CBD products are prepared with non-chemical MCT oil, easily digestible in carrier form. Also, they provide the best full spectrum product varieties. Currently, Funky Farms offers broad-spectrum cannabidiol with “Crystal Resistant Distillate,” the recent reserve line vape cartridges. What’s more, the brand offers its products in gummies, vape cartridges, tinctures, capsules pens, and the exclusive daily amount packets provided in all product varieties. Clients can subscribe to a bi-monthly or weekly program or order automatic product delivery for a 15 percent savings for each purchase.

Range of products

Funky Farms CBD Gummies

These products are ethanol extracted and vegan. They are provided in three sweet tastes, availed in 50-milligram packets having five pieces with ten milligrams of cannabidiol per gummy. Additionally, they come to clients in multi or single-packet options for simple utilization and high purchasing alternative. The manufacturers propose they be used for simple cannabinoid dosing while traveling or at rest. The company also prescribes that consumers carry a pouch in the pocket or personal bag for restrained administration.

Funky Farms CBD tinctures

These tinctures are provided in three tastes and different dosages. For instance, there are thirty-milliliter bottles with a prescribed proportion of one milliliter, equivalent to a single full dropper daily. The bottles have different measuring dropper markers for convenient use. The batch on 1000 milligrams full spectrum ice tincture showed a partial 1.6 % CBD variance content having 1016 overall mass (mg) and an insignificant THC level of nearly 0 %.  Regarding purity, this product showed small pesticide contents on the provided laboratory results. The company prescribes these carbon dioxide extracted items for oral or sublingual use only. Usually, the tincture is supplied in non-opaque frosted glass. Its appearance is golden yellow with a skinny viscosity, making it more complex during application. In addition, the company recommends the consumption of 1 full dropper or one milliliter. However, the dropper does not have measuring marks, making it challenging to accurately determine the right dose.

Ready to use pens and Funky Farms CBD vape cartridge

These carbon dioxides processed vape products are provided to consumers in Funky Farms multi or single-pack for wholesale purchasing options and convenient use. The company indicates on its website, the particular vape cartridge or taste that is highly purchased under the “Sales &Discounts” link in Funky Farms’ CBD main menu. The Funky Farms CBD company markets batteries online if consumers want to try them. The company prescribes these vape items solely for oral use.

What we like about the company

  • Funky Farms’ range of products and flavorings offers the consumers many alternatives.
  • During extraction, the company employs cannabidiol distillation, leading to almost zero THC amounts and strong CBD concentrations.
  • This CBD brand provides the best quality vape items that utilize the leading industrial technologies like patented CCELL atomizer from Jupiter laboratories. This affiliation guarantees that the vaper acquires a significant vaping experience.
  • Funky Farms’ products come in various SKUs. They are available in multi and single-packs, assuring that this brand has CBD products suitable for any budget.
  • This company provides special discounts for students, teachers, firefighters, police officers, and veterans.

What we dislike about the company

  • Funky Farms CBD brand contains many items for vaping like disposable and e-liquid vape pens, which might not attract non-vaping individuals.
  • This company is not registered with U.S Food and Drug Administration.
  • Since this company is fresh, fun, and distinct, customers perceive its products as for casual use. This method overlooks the cannabidiol’s intended therapeutic benefits.

Overall verdict

For people seeking throwaway vape pens, cartridges, or cannabidiol vape juice, Funky Farm products can serve the purpose. The company offers broad and full-spectrum production for vape products. The company is transparent because it gives complete independent third-party COAs. Also, it plainly explains that its products are obtained from organically grown hemp in Oregon and manufactured with carbon dioxide. We, therefore, recommend that people beyond 18 years can attempt these products.



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