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Have you ever heard about CBD products? The world is developing significantly, with researchers coming up with innovation every day. Researchers are daily searching for solutions to combat many problems making the world revolutionize in every aspect. One of the major growth is industrialization.

For many years, human health has been a major concern in our society. Therefore, medical research has significantly increased, leading to more companies developing. Some companies produce legitimate products, while others have fake ones due to high demand. How do you differentiate between these companies? People have complained of buying ineffective drugs expensively, with some giving up on purchasing products from certain companies.

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD is a company that upholds a good reputation across the globe. This company produces various products, including tinctures, gummies, mints, and vegan softgels, which are of outstanding quality. We aim to address the needs and desires of people with transparency, accuracy, and determination. Consider reading through this review for more details.

About the Company

Pure Hemp Botanicals company has worn an admirable reputation in the CBD domain. It was established in 2015 and is led by Alex Seleznov (Hemp Master). The company believes that every deed of compassion contributes to developing a healthier world, explaining why they manufacture sustainable, vegan, and cruel-free products. Furthermore, they anchor active charities in global and local communities.

The company is recognizable for its clean and quality oils. Its aspiration for compassion involves the earth and the living things and further adding hemp cannabis to its commodities. Pure Hemp Botanicals uphold high standards, especially in employment and business practices. It prioritizes accountability significantly and assures to use non-chemical Hemp only to ensure product effectiveness and purity.

The Pure Hemp Botanical (PHB) company ensures that production levels manufacturing guidelines are upheld. They also prioritize charity work, with one percent of overall proceeds dedicated to taking care of animals. Unlike other companies, PHB focuses on educating their clients concerning hemp products as they strive to achieve their mission. Their official website educates on various CBD and hemp aspects and their functions in our bodies. If you choose to become a lifetime PHB’s client, their reward program provides redeemable points. Furthermore, the company has captivating commodities or products.

PHB aims to offer an array of products for each pet and person to sustain them in their current state. The CBD tinctures emerge with the highest popularity. Such oils are produced with non-chemical Hemp and examined by third-party laboratories. They are unscented since they are produced with inherent plant-related ingredients.

Full-spectrum Hemp packs the full inherently occurring CBD array, which might involve small tetra-hydro cannabidiol quantities. The company claims that although the pet cannabidiol tincture effects are displayed instantly, the product is completely non-psychoactive and loads lower than 0.3 percent THC. Like other commodities, cannabidiol tinctures are non-GMO, cruel-free, and vegan.

Manufacturing Process

You should determine the safety and quality before purchasing cannabidiol products. Even though these products are costly, it is unworthy to endanger your pet’s health at the expense of saving some money. PHB manufactures the best quality CBD produced from Colorado industrial hemp. In addition, their tinctures are produced with whole-plant manufacturing strategies leading to smooth, fast-absorbing, and natural flavor in full-spectrum tincture.

Third-party laboratories examine PHB’s products for safety and purity. Although most of the products they manufacture have cannabidiol, their primary aim is to promote the wellness and health of both pets and humans. PHB targets to guard our environment by making their commodities cruel-free, non-GMO, and vegan. They provide three distinct cannabidiol oil tinctures, particularly for pets. The 300 milligrams concentration is designed for small cats and dogs, whereas the 1500 milligrams and 750 milligrams tinctures belong to mature dogs. All these tinctures are obtained from 100%t non-chemical cultivated industrial Hemp, examined both by third-party laboratories and in-house. Qualitatively, these products have lower than 0.3% THC and are upheld to the greatest standards in safety and quality.

Range of Products

Pure Hemp Botanicals 750 mg Pet CBD Tincture

This 750 milligrams cannabidiol oil tincture is packaged mostly in a thirty-milliliter bottle. Its label shows that it packs 25 milligrams /serving of CBD and states that the extract is produced for mature dogs. However, we could not approximate the products’ dosage guidelines since only 300 milligrams of concentration was provided for examination. The pictures on the label are blurry since the Pure Hemp Botanicals website does not zoom adequately, making it hard for reading. This product is unflavored.

Pure Hemp Botanicals 300 milligrams Pet CBD Tincture

This 300 milligrams tincture is packaged into one ounce or thirty-milliliter bottle. The label shows that it loads 10 milligrams of CBD/ serving, which was assumed to be measured at one milliliter. A one-milliliter cannabidiol oil serving has an average weight of a housecat. Following the dosage guidelines provided on the commodity, one milliliter is the prescribed amount for a pet with 40 kilograms. Usually, the dosage begins at 20 kilograms, prescribing ¼ to ½ droppers or 2½- 5 milligrams of cannabidiol daily, therefore confusing pet owners.

In regards to the product itself, the quality significantly impressed us. PHB is transparent when explaining the growth of Hemp and thorough testing. After examining this cannabidiol oil tincture, the scent and flavor were accurate as the company claimed. However, the oil had no taste but had little discernible smell. Unfortunately, the dosage recommendations did not specify the accurate oil administration.

Pure Hemp Botanicals 1500 milligrams pet CBD Tincture

This 1500 milligram cannabidiol oil tincture is packaged into a thirty-milliliter bottle. Its label shows that it loads 50 milligrams of cannabidiol per serving. In addition, the label states that this product is meant for mature dogs. We did not manage to approximate the dosage prescriptions for this product since the available pictures from their website were ambiguous. We concluded from the 50 milligrams/ml provided that the prescribed dosage would have measurements in drops instead of ml. Similar to former products, the dosage seems to be categorized into three classes, probably beginning at 100 kilograms. This cannabidiol oil tincture is also unflavored.

What we Like About the Company

The Pure Hemp Botanical products are THC-free and have the full spectrum.

These products are approved to be 100% vegan.

Many clients have congratulated the PHB company for producing affordable products.

The tinctures manufactured by PHB are confirmed to be potent.

Unlike other companies, Pure Hemp Botanical has ensured that wholesale is available for all clients.

Pure Hemp Botanical company produces various products, including pet products, topical, drinks, edibles, capsules, tinctures, cape oils, and juices.

Their products are manufactured using a carbon dioxide process to offer potent and clean cannabidiol products.

The third-party laboratory reports are available on their website and can be accessed using product batch numbers.

This company is committed to producing the best quality products via its economic-conscious cultivation, packaging, and manufacturing practices.

Laboratory results confirm that PHB products contain more cannabidiol concentration than the label indicates.

What We Dislike About the Company

The Pure Hemp Botanical company currently allows free transportation of its products within the United States.

This company does not offer money-back assurance.

Free transportation is only provided for transactions above $75.

Overall Verdict

When dealing with cannabidiol products, Pure Hemp Botanicals, particularly, understands their mission. The company is transparent with its clients concerning their hemp sources. We are impressed by the non-GMO, cruel-free, and vegan products they offer. In addition, they provide an array of products for both pets and humans which increases the brand’s integrity.

Pure Hemp Botanicals provide several ways of saving. Its website is educative and informative. For instance, it provides cannabidiol or hemp recipes and full insights into strategies to diagnose mental health via plants. This company is known to produce full-spectrum, unlike other companies.

One major challenge with Pure Hemp Botanicals company is the dosage guidelines. They provide three concentrations, with two of them suitable for mature dogs. Although the label is slightly misleading, the 300-milligram concentration suits the cats best. For instance, it states 10 milligrams/serving, but the website indicates 1ml.

If you are searching for the best quality product, PHB is the best and most affordable. Pure Hemp Botanicals is the best among many existing CBD companies, regardless of its faults. It is still upgrading to ensure the clients are comfortable with their services. Visit their official website in case of any queries, and the customer care team will address your concerns.


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