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Provacan is the leading CBD brand in the UK and EU regions. The brand boasts a wide product inventory with many product lines, including lozenges, edibles, topicals, capsules, vapes, e-liquids, tinctures, and more, in full-spectrum formulations for a full entourage effect. Its products sell for £9.99- £149.99, which is a good range that incorporates many consumers, including those living a suboptimal financial life. The total CBD concentrations in the mentioned products are 30- 5000 mg, which is wide enough to incorporate novice and veteran CBD enthusiasts. The company has an average price point of £0.03- £0.2, which is average to slightly higher than the market’s average. Like most reputable CBD brand’s Provacan has a money-back guarantee (30 days) and a free shipping arrangement for all orders worth £100 and above. However, its shipping is limited to the EU and UK zones and excludes all other regions. Here is our full 2022 review of the brand, which explores whether it indeed measures up in the hemp space.

About the Company

Provacan is the trademark CBD brand in the UK and EU regions. Based in London, UK., the company is the daughter brand of CiiTech, the leading CBD research company. What’s more, Provacan bears the brainchild name of leading CBD bodies and collaborates with the University of Jerusalem for CBD research. Moreover, the company is closely associated with Dr. Raphael Melchoum, the father of CBD research. Following its deep connection with key figures in the cannabis space and leading CBD research bodies, the brand is outstandingly different, and its success rate is great, as seen in its efforts to create other subsidiary brands like Huggs and Impact.

Provacan’s website is well-detailed and professionally designed. It has a Contact Us section with a phone number and an email address one can use to reach the company’s customer care desk. What’s more, the Shop button collapses into several options for the various products available in the company’s catalog. The About Us section details information about the company’s founding and the CiiiTech team since it is the daughter brand of CiiTech. The CEO and other key figures in the brand are mentioned with a brief description of them under their photos. Although the company has a centralized Lab Reports link on the main website, there are no lab tests therein, and one has to contact the customer care department to view lab results for his ordered products. However, the FAQ link is well-detailed and answers common questions people might have about CBD and the company, touching on shipping and return policies.

Apart from its unique research stamina, Provacan boasts an unmatched product inventory. It offers full-spectrum lozenges, edibles, topicals, tinctures, e-liquid, vapes, and more. Besides, it offers a wide CBD concentration variance of 30- 5000 mg, allowing in all enthusiasts, whether veteran or novice. The CBD products in the company’s inventory sell for £8.99- £149.99, which is a wide limit, accommodating different consumers with different financial capabilities. With an average price point of £0.03- £0.2, the company’s products are averagely priced, although some sell expensively.


The following specs are true to Provacan based on its website;

  • The brand sources its hemp from the European farms
  • It ships its products to the UK and EU
  • The products are available in broad- and full-spectrum formulations
  • Web results are available upon request from the customer care desk
  • The brand uses the CO2 extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • Extracts consumption methods include lozenges, tinctures, topicals, e-liquids, vapes, capsules, etc.
  • The company’s hemp and products are kosher-certified
  • Free shipping is offered for products worth £100 and above
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies, allowing dissatisfied clients to return unused, sealed items
  • The company does not ship outside the UK and EU
  • Shipping typically takes 1-3 days

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the hemp space since it dictates the quality of the final products a brand produces. As such, reputable brands grow their hemp that meets the standards they desire or liaise with farms whose hemp matches brands’ quality. According to its website, Provacan sources its hemp from EU farms, but the exact sources of the hemp plants are not revealed. It then uses the clean CO2 extraction method to process hemp and isolate CBD from it, resulting in the full-spectrum products in its inventory.

Transparency and Accuracy

Transparency in the CBD space is ensured by conducting independent 3rd party tests, a vital quality and control strategy CBD brands take up to ensure their products are pure and potent. Provacan submits to this since it liaises with Phytovista, the largest lab provider in the UK, to conduct its 3rd party tests. However, unlike most CBD brands that focus on THC & CBD potencies and purity for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, residues, mycotoxins, and microbials, Provacan only focuses on potency tests. Besides, the brand does not upload the test results on the Lab Reports centralized section. One has to reach the company’s customer care desk to have the lab results sent.

Manufacturing Process

Provacan is a legal, authorized grower and processor of hemp sourced from EU farms. Although its website mentions that it sources hemp from EU zones, the exact places where the hemp farms are located are not revealed. Provacan uses Kosher-certified hemp to manufacture its premium quality CBD products. Since the hemp is grown in Europe, chances are high that it meets the highest safety standards, adding to product safety.

Provacan uses the clean CO2 extraction method to process its hemp and strip CBD oil out of it. This technique is highly appreciated in the cannabis space since it is safe and efficient. While it carefully extracts terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, it does not unnecessarily attach solvents to the extracts. The process uses low-temperature and low-pressure conditions, resulting in the brand’s high-quality products.

The next stage is 3rd party testing, which is a vital quality and control strategy Provacan executes to ensure all products in its inventory are potent. It liaises with Phytovista, UK’s leading lab provider, to test its products for THC and CBD potency. However, unlike most brands that post their lab results online for easy access and viewership by clients and web visitors, Provacan does not upload its lab results on its website, and one has to reach the customer care desk to have them. For our products and lab results, it’s clear that most products in the company’s catalog have THC amounts lower than the maximum threshold, but most items have CBD high CBD variances, getting as far as 15%. Sadly, Provacan does not address standard contaminants like heavy metals, solvents, residues, microbials, filth, foreign matter, and mycotoxins, which is a major kink.

Range of Products

Provacan has an unmatched product catalog, including the following CBD products;

Provacan CBD Tinctures

Provacan’s tinctures feature multiple full-spectrum formulated CBD concentrations from 300 to 2400 mg. It also offers a paste of the oil in 2500 mg bottles. All the oils feature 10 ml bottles and have a total of 200 drops. They cost £24.99- £119.99, revealing an average price point of £0.05- £0.08 per mg CBD.

Provacan CBD Capsules

If you hate CBD oils’ aftertaste, you can opt for the oral capsules. These feature 180- 2880 mg total CBD concentrations and come in full-spectrum CBD for a full entourage effect. Besides, they contain various CBD potencies, which are as low as 20 mg and as high as 96 mg/unit.

Provacan CBD E-liquids

The brand’s CBD e-liquids feature full-spectrum CBD in 10 bottles. They feature various concentrations, including 300, 600, 900, and 1200 mg. They sell for £12.99 – £49.99, posing a £0.1-£0.13 per mg CBD price point. Since each ml is 175 puffs, a 10 ml e-liquid has 1,750 puffs.

Provacan CBD Edible Lozenges

According to its website, Provacan prefers edible lozenges over other edibles since the former are better absorbed into the bloodstream. The lozenges cost £23.75 and have an average price point of £0.48 per mg CBD.

Provacan CBD Gummies

Do you find CBD tinctures horrible, especially because of their aftertaste? You can opt for gummies, like what Provacan offers. They feature 100 or 500 mg total CBD concentrations, each with a 10 mg/unit potency. The gummies sell for £12.99- £49.99.

Provacan CBD Isolates

The company also offers CBD isolates in 1 or 5 mg. The potency of either option is 1000 mg/ml, and they sell for £24.99- £89.99, revealing a £0.03 per mg CBD price point.

Provacan CBD Vapes

Provacan CBD vapes are offered in 0.5 ml vape cartridges. They have various CBD concentrations, ranging from 30 to 360 mg. The CBD potencies in the vapes vary from 3 to 720 mg/ml. The vapes are easy to use, and a magnetic click sound signifies that one can take a puff.

Provacan CBD Topicals

The topical line includes balm, shampoo, massage oil, and creams. They feature full-spectrum formulations and various CBD concentrations, ranging from 100 mg to 900 mg. The CBD potencies vary as well and range from 1 to 10 mg/ml. The items are strictly applied topically and feature additional ingredients, including cocoa butter and essential oils.

What We Like About the Company

Our review appreciated the following about Provacan;

  • It deals in kosher-certified products, assuring clients of the highest safety standards while manufacturing the products
  • The company uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces, a technique highly valued in the hemp space for its safety and efficiency
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to return unused, sealed products
  • The brand offers free shipping for all orders worth £100, helping clients save on purchases
  • The company is the trademark CBD brand in the UK, following its massive research and connections with key CBD bodies, experts, scientists, and researchers

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the mentioned pros, Provacan has its cons, including;

  • The 30-day money-back guarantee is strict, allowing unused, unopened, and sealed products only
  • The company does not mention the exact sources of its hemp in Europe
  • It does not avail lab test results online, and one must reach the customer care desk to get the results
  • Its products generally have high CBD variances, getting as high as 15% variances
  • The brand does not include contaminants in its test results
  • Its shipping is limited to the EU and UK regions

Our Verdict

We were impressed by our review of the Provacan CBD brand since it boasts an unmatched CBD inventory, multiple potencies for its products, and kosher certification, offers free shipping for all orders worth £100 and above, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Nonetheless, the brand has a few kinks to improve to perform better and attract an even larger loyal customer base. Its money-back guarantee is strict, some items in its catalog have extremely high CBD variances, it does not avail lab results on the centralized online hub and must be requested, the lab test results do not focus on contaminants, and the website does not detail where the company sources its hemp in Europe. Improving these areas will help Provacan perform better in the CBD space in 2022 and beyond.


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