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Plant Power is a small CBD brand launched by Goni Light, a mother who found a remedy in full-spectrum CBD for her birth-related anxiety. Although there is no information on the site about the team or when the brand was launched, we found out the owner’s name but not her bio. Plant Power only has two product lines for gummies (edibles) and tinctures in the full-spectrum formulation. The products’ CBD concentrations range between 100 and 1200 mg, they cost $14.99- $99.99, and pose an average price point of $0.15- $0.17 per mg CBD, which is slightly above the market average. Some of the company’s strongholds are its 30-day money-back guarantee for unused goods returned in the original packaging and condition, free shipping for all orders, use of organic, non-GMO hemp and natural ingredients to manufacture CBD products, and the application of CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces. The brand, however, has a long way to go. Its money-back guarantee is complicated, the products line is narrow with few products and potency, and the website is shady, missing out on a lot of critical information.

About the Company

Plant Power CBD was founded by Goni Light after she experienced birth-related anxiety and only found a remedy in full-spectrum CBD. Light says that she started being anxious when her first daughter was born, and things got worse when she realized the anxiety was taking a toll on her, presenting the effects vividly, and affecting her quality of life. She decided to go the natural way and encountered full-spectrum CBD, which she explored from various brands. Light realized that there was little consistency in ingredients and processes and that most brands used unnatural ingredients. With the brand variations came impact differences and the difficulty of telling what you are taking into the body, which she so strongly wanted to change.

According to the website, the brand was launched to avail CBD products to those who need them with transparency and truthfulness. The brand prides itself in infusing products to delight using purely grown hemp bred to perfection. Its products are crafted for a purpose; to create a positive change in individuals and communities through hemp’s lant transformative power, so it has a program that donates its products to people who need them daily but cannot afford them. There is no information on the website about when the brand was launched, who the CEO is, and who makes up the team.

Plant Power has a very narrow CBD product catalog that only comprises tinctures and gummies in full-spectrum formulations that guarantee the full entourage effect, but not without the psychoactive THC. Plant Power’s products are highly-priced with an average price point of $0.15- $0.17 per mg CBD, and they cost $14.99- $99.99. The products are available in low potencies, featuring 100- 1200 mg CBD concentrations.

The brand’s website is simply designed and includes two types of communication channels; email using the [email protected] address or phone calls through +1-267-317-6235. You can also go the Instagram way, but there is no instant messaging feature on the website. The Shop button on the main menu collapses into 4 options for the brand’s four products: gummies, cinnamon, pineapple, and rosemary tinctures. The brand provides free shipping for all orders to the US, 25% off for first-time buyers, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It, however, does not have a military veteran discount arrangement.


The following specs are true to Plant Power CBD;

  • The brand deals in full-spectrum formulated CBD products
  • Extract deliverable methods used by the brand include gummies and tinctures
  • CBD products in the brand’s inventory sell for $14.99- $99.99
  • The brand’s products are generally highly-priced than the market averages
  • The average price for products in the company’s inventory is $0.15- $0.17 per mg CBD
  • The CO2 extraction method is used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • All-natural ingredients are used to manufacture the CBD products
  • Organic, non-GMO hemp is used in the manufacture of CBD products
  • US-sourced hemp from Colorado is used for CBD product manufacture
  • The hemp plants and farms are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for appropriate and sustainable practices
  • CBD products manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities
  • No centralized hub for lab results
  • Lab results are unavailable online
  • The website does not have an FAQ page
  • The total CBD concentration in the products range between 100 and 1200 mg

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the CBD industry because it determines the quality of the CBD products, ultimately influencing whether a brand retains or loses its clients. Consequently, reputable brands that want to hold down their customers opt for premium quality hemp grown sustainably for manufacturing their CBD products, and Plant Power is no exception. It uses hemp from the Colorado farms that are not only organic and non-GMO but grown sustainably and organically and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for holding the highest agricultural practices.

Buying Experience

Although Plant Power’s website is shady and not quite professionally designed, it assures web visitors and clients an easy shopping experience. All one has to do is intuitively select the products of interest, add them to the cart, and check out to fill in billing and physical location details for shipping to start once the order is fully processed. When clicked, the Shop button collapses into four options, allowing you to choose from cinnamon, pineapple, rosemary tinctures, and gummies.

Manufacturing Process

Plant Power is a legal, authorized grower and processor of US hemp sourced from Colorado farms. The farms are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, demonstrating that they follow the highest hemp growing practices that maintain environmental sustainability and produce potent and safe products. According to the website, the hemp plants in these farms are organic, non-GMO, and are grown sustainably and organically. Such practices uphold product safety, limiting the interaction of CBD products with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

The brand’s website categorically states that the company uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. This technique is the most preferred in the cannabis space for its safety and efficiency. It effectively extracts what’s needed and leaves behind the unwanted components, ensuring that no solvents attach themselves to the extracts. The extracts from the process are found in full-spectrum formulations, guaranteeing the full entourage effect, but not without the psychoactive THC. Plant Power uses additional ingredients on the extracts to promote absorbability and augment CBD function, and all these are natural.

The next stage in the manufacturing process is 3rd party tests, independent quality and control tests CBD brands do to examine products for THC & CBD potency and purity for standard contaminants such as heavy metals, residues, microbials, mycotoxins, and pesticides. Plant Power claims to test all products in its CBD catalog for purity and potency, but neither respective product pages nor a centralized hub on the website has the lab results. This is actually one of this company’s lines of weakness which it must fill in to perform better in the hemp space and win a competitive market advantage and an even larger loyal customer base. We even reached the customer care desk and sought the results, but we did not get any response even by the time we finished developing this review.

Range of Products

Plant Power has a very narrow catalog with only two CBD product divisions for;

Plant Power CBD Tinctures

Plant Power offers tinctures in full-spectrum CBD formulations. They come in 1200 full-spectrum CBD and 30 ml bottles, translating to a 40 mg/ml potency. The tinctures feature three flavors; cinnamon, rosemary, and pineapple. They have such fruity flavors but do not incorporate any sweeteners and preservatives. They are made in the US with certified organic, non-GMO hemp processed in a cGMP-compliant lab. Although the product page mentions that they are 3rd party tested, the results are not available online. The CBD used here is CO2 extracted and 100% organic. According to the website, the tinctures are taken orally or sublingually, and one needs to allow 30-60 seconds for maximum absorption.

Plant Power CBD Gummies

Do you hate the bad aftertaste of CBD oil? You might like Plant Power’s CBD gummies which come in a pack of 4-count, each delivering 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD. The gummies are prepared from US-sourced hemp-derived CBD; no marijuana. The gummies are organic and feature two flavors; Wild Berry and Orange. They are strictly for oral, discreet, nutritious use. Like tinctures, Plant Power’s CBD gummies are prepared from CO2 extracted CBD.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing Plant Power CBD, we appreciated the following things;

  • All manufacturing activities occur in a cGMP-compliant facility, guaranteeing clients of the highest safety standards and manufacturing practices
  • The company uses organic non-GMO hemp to manufacture CBD products, which is quite in order, considering the many ethical issues around the genetic modification of organisms and their consumption
  • The clean CO2 extraction method used by the brand ensures no solvent traces attach themselves to the extracts
  • The full-spectrum extracts produced by the brand guarantees a full entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • Free shipping for all orders helps clients save on purchases
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee helps dissatisfied clients get refunds and exchanges for unused products

What We Do Not Like About the Company

The following are major gaps associated with the Plant Power brand;

  • The brand boasts 3rd party testing its products, but it does not upload lab results online
  • There is no information on the website about when the company was formed or who makes up the team
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee is limited to unused products
  • Plant Power has a narrow inventory with one type of CBD formulation, 4 products, and no potency variances across a category
  • There is no FAQ link
  • The website lacks an instant messaging feature

Our Verdict

Plant Power CBD is a small CBD brand with two product lines; tinctures and gummies, which are narrow and need expansion. Although it boasts 3rd party testing, it does not have its lab results online. Besides, its website lacks many pieces of information, including an FAQ link and details on 3rd party tests. Still, we appreciate its use of organic hemp, the clean CO2 extraction method, and free shipping arrangement. Should it improve the weak areas, it will soar to new heights in the hemp space.


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