Wyld CBD review 2022


Wyld CBD, based in Oregon, is an elite CBD brand that offers an impressive product catalog consisting of a broad category of delicious gummies and hemp-infused sparkling waters. The company formulates its line of products using terpene and cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp extracts, along with other active ingredients that optimize wellness. The broad-spectrum formulations mean it is your ideal brand for THC-free CBD products. Wyld CBD’s manufacturing process from seed through to packaging is done in Oregon in the company’s GMP-certified and quality-controlled facility.

According to the company website, gold standard methods of extraction, combined with organic, non-GMO, and sustainable farming practices are used. The founders are eco-conscious and, therefore, only partner with farmers who adhere to organic and sustainable agricultural methods on their local farmlands. This is done to ensure that all extracts used to formulate its products are pure and void of pesticides, and other contaminants such as heavy metals and pathogens.

Wyld CBD offers a limited yet decent range of products, but the founders still harbor the ambition of expanding and diversifying. Nonetheless, verified users have on numerous platforms have heaped rave reviews on the company’s product line, and most have been impressed with their quality, accuracy, flavors, tastes, and efficacy. The price point is quite affordable too, with an mg of CBD ranging from $0.05 to $0.07, not to mention the numerous customer assistance programs run by the company to ensure easy access to premium quality CBD products. Also, based on several cannabis review websites, we established that Wyld CBD offers some of the best and most potent cannabis edibles in the US marketplace. If you fancy some THC-infused gummies, Wyld CBD is your brand of choice.

Wyld CBD is fairly new in the marketplace, having come to existence in 2019, but already enjoys a stellar reputation for the quality, potency, and accuracy of its products. The company ensures safety by conducting comprehensive independent third-party lab tests and also publishes these results on the website. Wyld CBD runs open lines of communication, has a fast, efficient, and responsive customer care desk. Other customer-facing interfaces such as the website, shipping, guarantees, and delivery are quite impressive too. Free shipping is available for a minimum purchase of $50, but a flat $3 charge is applied otherwise. That said, herein is a brief background about Wyld CBD, its manufacturing and product formulation criteria, and what the company has to offer in the US marketplace.

About the Company

Established in 2019, Wyld CBD is a top brand that offers uniquely formulated CBD gummies and hemp-infused sparkling waters. The company, despite having only been around for a short time, has muscled its way to becoming a mainstay in the US hemp marketplace. The founder, having had firsthand experience with CBD products, wanted to share its numerous therapeutic properties with the masses. The founders anchored the company on the pillars of quality, accuracy, transparency, and customer service. Wyld’s product line comprises two broad categories, namely, CBD gummies and hemp-infused sparkling waters. To ensure unique formulations, the company uses US-grown CBD-rich broad-spectrum hemp extracts that are enriched with all-natural and organic fruit extracts sourced from the United States. Regarding the founders, Wyld doesn’t disclose enough information, except for mentioning that the parent company is Wyld Canna.

Besides, the company utilizes vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients and also enlists the top-notch services of ISO-certified and reputable independent third-party laboratories to ensure the quality, potency, and safety of their products. The company’s manufacturing practices begin from local Oregon farmlands where CBD-rich industrial hemp is cultivated organically by licensed organic farmers. The founders, in conjunction with Wyld Canna (a reputable brand known for quality Delta 8 and Delta 10 edibles) ensured to partner with farmers who utilize sustainable cultivation practices that conserve mother earth.

Wyld CBD ensures quality and consistency by utilizing broad-spectrum hemp extracts, along with potent, natural, non-GMO, and active ingredients whenever possible. The company promises its consumers the best premium quality and safe THC gummies and CBD waters in the marketplace. At the time of writing this review, the company was still awaiting its USDA-organic certification. However, all stages of manufacturing from the sale are quality controlled, FDA-compliant, and according to GMP guidelines. That is especially true because the company has never been served a warning letter from the FDA or the DEA.

Why Wyld CBD And What Sets the Company from Other Top Brands

For starters, the company specializes in a limited range of premium quality hemp-derived products. while the founders are ambitious about expanding and diversifying, they didn’t see the need to overcrowd the unregulated CBD marketplace. Their catalog consists of THC gummies and CBD sparkling waters that are doing quite fine. Therefore, having dug deep into the company’s business model, manufacturing and product formulation criteria, third-party lab testing, and customer service, we found the following aspects quite impressive.

Unique Product Formulations

Unlike the basic gummies you will be offered by many brands on the market, Wyld utilizes natural and real fruit extracts, honey, and other premium flavors to enhance the profile of their THC-infused gummies and sparkling waters.

Hemp Quality

Wyld CBD uses US-grown, terpene, and CBD-rich hemp sourced from licensed organic hemp farmlands in Oregon. Their hemp extracts are broad-spectrum and contain all the naturally occurring and healthy terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

Excellent Customer Experience

Having used their website, we have to say Wyld’s customer-facing interfaces are quite impressive. The website is easily navigable and downright intuitive, and that made for a seamless shopping journey. Besides, the company offers free shipping on all orders above $50, and also runs a convenient 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee that dissatisfied customers can take advantage of.


Wyld CBD anchors its business operations on potency, quality, transparency, access, and customer service. While these admirable brand qualities might be labor-intensive, the company believes that access to premium CBD products shouldn’t break the bank. That is why they offer their product catalog at below-average market prices, not to mention their numerous customer assistance programs like military veterans’ discounts and auto-shipment discounts that enhance access.


Openness to who they are is a core value of Wyld CBD company. The brand promises customers quality products formulated using safe and third-party tested ingredients and broad-spectrum hemp extracts. All product batches are comprehensively tested for potency and purity, and the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) can be accessed via a centralized “Lab Results” hub on the website.


To begin with, the lab test results on the sample of products we ordered from the company were easy to match with the batch numbers on the packaging labels. While at that, we scanned the QR codes to access the COAs. The company’s 25 mg Broad Spectrum Lemon Sparkling Water, for instance, indicated a variance of 2% (24.5 mg of CBD) which is well within the allowable limit of 10%. Overall, the accuracy variances of Wyld CBD’s products are within the acceptable limit of 10%. Moreover, their products were tested for and passed all the standard purity tests for contaminants such as pesticides, pathogens, residual solvents, and heavy metals.


Wyld CBD is fairly new in the US CBD marketplace but is already a household name. The company runs its operations from Oregon, its headquarters, but ships to all 50 states. Based on the information we found on customer engagement forums like the company website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, the company reportedly values customer opinion and feedback and has open lines of communication that respond promptly. Further, the founders assert that the company actively formulates products with the consumer’s interests at heart.

Line Of Products

Wyld CBD’s broad-spectrum product catalog is uniquely formulated using terpene and cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts is legally compliant with the 0.3% THC amount and have a safety badge for thorough independent third-party lab testing. However, the company offers a limited range of products that include:

  • THC-Infused Gummies.
  • CBD-infused sparkling waters.


  • Hemp Source – The United States.
  • CBD Extract Method – NA.
  • International Shipping – The US.
  • Price Range – $19.95 to $49.95.
  • CBD Strength – 100 mg to 1000 mg.
  • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee – Yes.
  • Military Veteran Discount – Yes.
  • Offers Tastes and Flavors – Yes.
  • Price Range per mg of CBD – $0.05 to $0.2.
  • Extract Types – Broad Spectrum.
  • Consumption Method: CBD Gummies, Edibles, and CBD-Infused Sparkling waters.
  • Product range recommended for Optimizing Wellness.
  • Lab Testing – Available on the website.
  • Vegan and Gluten-free products – Yes.

Manufacturing Process

Wyld CBD was authorized by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and is currently a grower of premium, organic hemp. Besides, the company has fostered a close partnership with local Oregon hemp farmers, from who they source their natural, non-GMO hemp. Wyld CBD’s manufacturing process begins at the farmlands where the hemp’s genetic strains are enhanced and cultivated under an organic and quality-controlled environment.

Once the crop has matured, it is harvested, dried, and shipped to the company’s Oregon-based GMP-approved facility for processing. Here, Wyld utilizes the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction method that is thought to produce the cleanest and cannabinoid-rich extracts. At the product formulation stage, Wyld CBD enlists the expertise of an experienced team of technicians who formulate CBD gummies using the easily digestible medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to optimize bioavailability. Their product catalog that includes CBD gummies and vegan sparkling waters is infused with natural real fruit flavors, and terpene-rich CO2 extracted broad-spectrum extract. Other stages of manufacturing such as packaging, labeling, and bottling are done in-house in quality-controlled facilities.

Next up, the company ships all product batches to reputable independent third-party lab testers who conduct comprehensive Phyto-forensic analysis to verify the potency, accuracy, and purity of their extracts. According to some of the corresponding product pages that we sampled, however, some of the products lack lab results on purity from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. Nonetheless, the independent lab testing conducted by Wyld CBD ascertains that the consistency, labeling, and cannabinoid integrity are guaranteed and accurate. Besides, you can dig up Certificates of Analysis on the website via the ‘Lab Reports” tab using the QR codes imprinted on product packaging.

As mentioned earlier, the US hemp industry is unregulated and most brands utilize artificial additives and preservatives in their products. Wyld CBD, on the other hand, offers premium quality products void of synthetic additives such as sulfates, dyes, colors, preservatives, and phthalates. Besides, the COAs we previewed indicated that their product line meets the acceptable standards for label claims, THC amount, and potency.

Range of Products

Wyld CBD’s product catalog is limited yet decent. Despite offering two main categories, there are plenty of variants to choose from. The company hasn’t ventured into topicals, vapes, cartridges, capsules, or pet lines of products, but the founders have the ambition to diversify in the future. That said, below is a brief overview of Wyld CBD’s product catalog.

Wyld CBD Sparkling Water

The company claims to have cultivated a unique and complex range of fruit flavors that it uses to formulate its hemp-based waters. Therefore, what gets to the consumer’s doorstep is a product of years-long research and formulation. Wyld CBD’s sparkling waters packs 25 mg of CO2 extracted broad-spectrum CBD per serving of a single 12 fl oz can. The company formulates these CBD-infused water s using a unique variety of fruit flavors, with the popular ones being lemon, blackberry, wild raspberry, and huckleberry.

The company is eco-conscious and packs the waters in recyclable aluminum cans, each containing 25 mg of CBD, 10 calories, and a non-traceable amount of THC. Based on the relevant product pages, the company does not list its suggested uses but recommends them for oral use only while chilling to help you unwind and feel refreshed.

Wyld CBD Gummies

Wyld CBD offers a broad variety of CO2 extracted broad-spectrum gummies. A gummy packs 25 mg of CBD, also formulated using MCT oil for optimal bioavailability in the body. They are THC-free, are gluten-free, and are void of artificial flavors and sweeteners. The company offers these delicious edibles in a variety of proprietary blends of natural real fruit flavors, namely:

  • Lemon.
  • Blood orange.
  • Wild raspberry.
  • Blackberry.

The gummies are recommended for oral use only and represent a discreet way to consume your daily dose of CBD. Below are the company’s popular products in this category:

  • 250 mg Wyld CBD Blackberry Gummies, 25 mg/unit.
  • 500 mg Wyld CBD Blackberry Gummies, 25 mg/unit.
  • 1000 mg Wyld CBD Blackberry Gummies, 25 mg/unit.

Reviewed Products

Wyld CBD Gummies

500 Mg Huckleberry CBD Gummies, 25 Mg/Unit, 20 Ct

These are formulated using broad-spectrum hemp extract, are rectangular with a flat surface, and come in dark colors. They have a soft texture as with the traditional gummy, and the surface is sprinkled with natural fruit sweeteners. The company infuses these edibles with easily digestible MCT oil to optimize absorption in the body.

Regarding the independent third-party lab results, these vegan-friendly and cruelty-free huckleberry CBD gummies are indicated to contain 24.7 mg per piece. This translated to a CBD variance of 1.2%, which is well within the acceptable 10%. The sample was also tested for and passed the standard purity test for contaminants such as heavy metals, pathogens, and pesticides.

500 mg Lemon CBD Gummies, 25 mg/unit, 20 ct

These Lemon-flavored CBD gummies are rectangular and come in a golden yellow accent. They have a soft texture as with the traditional edible and are formulated using CO2 extracted broad-spectrum hemp extract, along with MCT oil for maximum bioavailability.

500 mg Raspberry CBD Gummies, 25 mg/unit, 20 ct

These gummy variants from Wyld CBD come in purple color, have a texture of the regular gummy, and are sprinkled with natural fruit sugar. According to the corresponding product pages, they are formulated using CO2 extracted broad-spectrum hemp extract, along with organic MCT oil.

Regarding the independent third-party lab test report, the 25 mg gummy option was indicated to contain 25.1 mg of CBD per serving. This translates to a CBD variance of 4%, which is well within the acceptable 10%. They indicated a non-detectable amount of THC and passed the standard purity test for contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pathogens.

Wyld CBD Beverages

25 mg Blood Orange CBD Sparkling Water, 12 fl oz

The company formulates its hemp-based waters using broad-spectrum hemp extracts, along with all-natural fruit juices and flavors. They are void of synthetic ingredients, and like most beverages, the company carbonates them to produce the fizzy consistency. The 25 mg Blood Orange CBD water is packed in a 12 fl oz recyclable and discreet aluminum can.

Regarding the independent third-party lab test report, the 25 mg CBD can be indicated to contain 25.7 mg CBD total. This translates to a 2.8% variance, which is well within the allowable 10%. The sample contained non-traceable amounts of CBD, and also passed the standard purity test for contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals.

25 mg Raspberry CBD Sparkling Water, 12 fl oz

The raspberry CBD water is uniquely formulated using natural fruit juices and infused with non-GMO and CO2 extracted broad-spectrum CBD. The company carbonates the drink to give it a fizzy consistency. It is also packed in a discreet and recyclable aluminum can that is quite convenient.

25 mg Lemon CBD Sparkling Water, 12 fl oz

This naturally flavored CBD water is formulated using CO2 extracted broad-spectrum hemp extract and packs 25 mg of CBD per serving. It is also infused with natural lemon fruit juice, has a non-detectable amount of THC, and packs 5 calories in 2 g of sugar.

Regarding the independent third-party lab test report, the 25 mg broad-spectrum CBD sparkling water was indicated to contain 24.5 mg of CBD per serving. This translates into a CBD variance of 2%, which is well within the acceptable variance of 10%. The sample is THC-free and was also tested for and passed the standard purity test for contaminants such as pesticides, pathogens, and heavy metals.

Wyld CBD Deals, Discounts, Coupons, and Bundles

The company runs numerous customer assistance programs, as well as offers and specials that users can take advantage of to save on the buck. For starters, you can subscribe to the e-newsletter and get express access to discounts, sales, and price specials. The company also offers a 20% discount for military veteran personnel, first responders, as well as folks living with permanent disabilities.

Buying Experience

Having used Wyld CBD’s website, we have to say we were quite impressed by the intuitive and navigable design because it made our shopping experience quite seamless. All products are listed under the “Shop” tab and you can select your wishlist before proceeding to the checkout page.

Shipping and Returns Policies

Wyld CBD takes 24 hours to confirm and process orders before they are dispatched. All orders are shipped using the fast, efficient, and secure services of the USPS First Class and Priority Mail, with deliveries estimated within 2 to 4 business days. Better still, the company offers free shipping on all orders above $50. However, the company only ships within the US and international shipping is currently unavailable.

Regarding returns, the company runs a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on all products as long as they are unopened and unused.

What We Like About the Company

  • Quality hemp sourcing.
  • Responsive customer care desk.
  • Premium quality vegan-friendly and gluten-free products.
  • Dedicated to transparency, accuracy, and potency.
  • Utilizes all-natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

  • Limited yet decent product line. The company is yet to venture into vapes, carts, topicals, capsules, and pet products.
  • A minimum purchase of $50 is required to qualify for free shipping.

Our Overall Verdict

Wyld CBD runs a quality-controlled and efficient business model from seed to sale. Their GMP-approved Oregon-based manufacturing facility, along with their hemp cultivation and sourcing, ensures that all stages of product formulation are monitored for quality control. The company uses the advanced CO2 extraction method and also enlists the expertise of technicians to formulate its wide range of product catalogs. Their products are formulated using CBD-rich broad-spectrum, before undergoing comprehensive independent third-party lab testing.


Winged Wellness is a women-focused CBD company that targets women with various health issues. According to the founder, Jessica Mulligan, women are twice likely to experience anxiety, depression, and insomnia than men. These conditions are mostly caused by physical makeup and hormonal shift, especially as the woman get in her 20s. However, society offers little support to women going through these harsh times, calling for well-informed women like Jessica to come to the rescue of their fellow vulnerable species. Therefore, Winged Wellness was formed on a mission to provide a solution to women facing emotional and physical hardships and help them live a better life once again.

Although the company was founded in 2017 with about five years in the market, it still offers a limited but highly effective product line. It mainly focuses on providing USDA-certified and organic full-spectrum CBD products, including topicals, capsules, gummies, and chocolate bites. These products have potencies ranging from 15 to 750 mg of CBD. They are also extracted using the CO2 extraction method and formulated using an easily digestible and organic MCT oil. The company then runs in-house and independent laboratory testing to ensure consumers get clean products free from harmful pesticides, harsh chemicals, and heavy metals.

Winged Wellness also uses organically cultivated hemp from the Kentucky and Oregon farms. These authorized farms use natural sunlight and cultivation methods and adhere to USDA organic rules and regulations. To ensure the products reaching the market are 100% organic, the company uses non-GMO hemp seeds, pesticide-free farming, and certified hemp extraction methods to formulate its products.

Regarding transparency and accuracy, Winged Wellness is among the transparent CBD companies available today. Its honesty is seen in the purity test results for foreign materials such as microbial, heavy metals, and solvents posted on its website with corresponding potency test results. This helps new customers to review every product before buying to avoid regrets. Further, since 2017, the company has not received any FDA or BBB warnings on its products. Most products also contain less than 0.3% THC, while others had no THC content at all.

The company sells its products at an affordable price point, ranging between $25 and $110. Its average price is about $0.14 per milligram of CBD, making it a cheaper option than other brands that also provide certified organic hemp-based products. Customers can also benefit from a 15% discount on monthly auto-ship subscriptions and bundles purchases. Not forgetting, the company also offers free shipping on all products with a 30-day money-back policy.

Generally, Winged Wellness has one of the best customer experiences, starting from its easy-to-navigate website to a fast responsive team of experts. The website has vast information, including the Hemp 101, recipes, and FAQ link sections, located below the Learn button on the main page. When we visited the product page, we could see all the information we needed, including dosage, ingredients, possible effects. Buyers can also filter and buy products based on the effect or benefit as outlined in the Shop menu.

The Winged Wellness’s Background

Jessica Mulligan started Winged Wellness in 2017 as a simple idea to share her relief story with women undergoing various life challenges. This came after the plant-based medicine helped her fight anxiety that had rendered her desperate. According to Jessica, a friend suggested a combination of CBD and adaptogens to help lessen the tightness in her chest. However, after feeling better, regaining her normal sleeping patterns, and getting comfortable in her skin, she went further to look for answers as to why women often have these experiences when in their 20s. That is when she realized that women suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and depression more than men in the same age group.

After realizing that women often have similar experiences in life, Jessica set on a journey looking for the best way to help fellow women. This is when Winged Wellness was born as the only brand that focuses on women and their problems. The company had a simple mission of making women feel better and happy by providing CBD-based products that suit only woman’s body. However, the expansion of the company and expert’s team has seen it introduce a supportive community of Winged Women, all in a mission to address challenges women face.

Today, Winged Wellness focuses on specialized supplements to help women with specific needs, including Sleep, Mood, Skin, Energy, and Stress. The experts behind the company’s success combine specific herbs, adaptogens, and cannabinoids to meet the desired outcome and help with hormonal balancing in women. The company also has five supplements that use only CBD in their formulation and five that use adaptogenic mushrooms and botanicals, instead of CBD. Until today, the company utilizes the services of a holistic nutritionist and master herbalist who formulate all the products to ensure they are clean, non-GMO, and free from gluten and synthetics.


Ever since the company came into existence in 2017, it has maintained its mission of providing high-quality and naturally cultivated hemp-based products for women. These products are also USDA-certified and manufactured under the required GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions. Also, as part of the Quality Promise, the company uses the highest production standards, and ensures customers’ safety and consistency, especially through its 30-day satisfaction policy on all purchases.

The company also believes that the CBD business should be all about improving social life. For this reason, they have partnered with community and non-profit organizations that focus on giving back to women across the US. For example, they partnered with MOSTe to offer a scholarship fund in 2020, which helped women discover their potential. They also worked with Girls for A Change, a non-profit youth development firm, and Downtown Los Angeles Women’s Center to help women replenish and strengthen their resources. Additionally, their commitment to their sole mission has seen them feature in several media platforms, including Well + Good, Beauty Independent, Who What Wear, and Bustle.


Transparency is one major factor that defines the success of a company. Therefore, for Winged Wellness to remain transparent to its customers, it runs third-party lab testing on all products to ensure they meet the safety and quality requirements. The availability of the independent lab results also ensures the labeled CBD and THC contents match what the customer founds in the purchased products. The brand posts all the potency and purity results on the centralized lab testing section. However, we could not find the pesticide lab results on all products we checked during the time of writing this.


We crosschecked the third-party lab results for potency and purity using the batch numbers on the four ordered products, emails from customer service, and centralized Lab Results on the main menu below the About button. However, the customer service emailed the missing lab reports in two weeks, considering that the website is still under revamping. According to our findings, the highest accuracy variance was recorded in the Relax Softgels which had 1167 mg of CBD and 474 mg of CBG. This translates to 38.9 mg of CBD and 15.8 mg of CBG per serving of one softgel, giving an accuracy variance of 55.6%, above the recommended 10% limit.

We also recorded the lowest accuracy variance in the 500 mg Radiance Topical Youth Serum, which had 531.9 mg of CBD or 17.73 mg per serving of one dropper (1 ml). This translates to an accuracy variance of 6.38%, under the legal 10% limit. Finally, all products had below the legal 0.3% THC limit, according to the independent lab testing results.

What Sets Winged Wellness Apart from Other CBD Brands

With the introduction of new CBD brands every year, it can be daunting for newbies to identify the best company that focuses on their needs. However, the fact that Winged Wellness was established as a women-targeting company means that any woman facing challenges can have a leaning shoulder right away. This sets Winged Wellness above its competitors in the following ways.

  • The company specializes in organic full-spectrum and CO2 extracted CBD products.
  • It partners with community and non-profit organizations to empower and give back to women in society.
  • It also offers gift cards, auto-ship options that can save up to 15% on total costs, and a 30-day money-back return policy.


  • Hemp Source – the United States.
  • CBD Extract Method – CO2 Extraction Method.
  • International Shipping – the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Parts of Europe.
  • Price Range – $10 to $110.
  • CBD Strength – 15 mg to 750 mg.
  • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee – a 30-day return policy.
  • Military Veteran Discount – No.
  • Offers Tastes and Flavors – Yes.
  • Price Range per mg of CBD – $0.05 to $0.67.
  • Extract Types – Full Spectrum.
  • Consumption Method – Creams and Topicals, Capsules, Edibles, Gummies.

Manufacturing Process

Winged Wellness is an authorized manufacturer of high-quality CBD-based products in the market. It uses the organic hemp grown in Kentucky and Oregon farms under natural outdoor conditions. The experts also use all-natural and organic farming practices, including non-GMO hemp seeds and ingredients to formulate the products. This ensures the full-spectrum products reaching the market are clean, safe, and have numerous benefits apart from treating insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

The manufacturing process starts from the extraction of cannabinoids using the CO2 method. At this point, the hemp is harvested from the authorized farms and taken to the GMP-certified facilities. The cannabinoids are then extracted and mixed with adaptogens, before being formulated using the easily digestible carrier MCT oil to enhance their bioavailability. The formulation also helps to categorize the products into capsules, topicals, and edibles, all under full-spectrum CBD. It is at this stage that in-house packaging, bottling, and labeling activities occur, which are all done through quality and environmental-focused practices.

The formulated products are then taken through independent third-party laboratory testing to ensure the CBD and THC potency labeled on the products matches what the buyer receives. This is a vital step for the company since it ensures the products meet the safety and quality claims. The lab results are then posted on the Lab Results hub on the website for all customers to review before placing an order. However, at the time of writing this review, they were launching a new lab testing hub, and we could only get the missing results directly from the customer service through email.

Product Range

Winged Wellness has a limited product range, focusing on only full-spectrum CBD. Their line of products includes topicals, capsules, gummies, and chocolate bites, with CBD strength ranging between 15 mg and 750 mg. The company also has CBD bundles, gift cards, and various non-CBD products for specific women’s needs. That said, here is an overview of the Winged product line.

Winged Wellness Capsules and Softgels

Winged Wellness offers its full-spectrum capsules and softgels in 15 and 25 mg potencies. Their softgels undergo CO2 extraction and MCT formulation processes, making them ideal for oral use and easily digestible. These capsules are also the best way of supplementing CBD daily intake. The company recommends a dosage of one to two capsules per serving, depending on the age and CBD tolerance. Luckily, all capsules are formulated using all-natural and organic ingredients. The popular softgels from the company include:

  • 750 mg Relief Support Softgels, 30 ct, 25 mg/unit.
  • 450 mg Happiness Softgels, 30 ct, 15 mg/unit.

Winged Wellness CBD Topicals

The topicals are formulated from the CO2-extracted full-spectrum CBD and mixed with other natural ingredients, as indicated on each product page. The company does not utilize any synthetic material in making these topicals. The topicals are recommended for external use on the skin to give specific effects. Also, these topicals are only made for women with specific skin issues. Some of the popular topicals from the company include the following:

  • 15 mg Radiance CBD Facial Sheet Mask, 15 mg/ml.
  • 300 mg Radiance CBD Calming Body Lotion, 1.25 mg/ml.
  • 300 mg Radiance CBD Glow Facial Oil, 10 mg/ml.
  • 300 mg Radiance CBD Soothing Body Oil, 2.5 mg/ml.
  • 500 mg Radiance CBD Youth Serum, 16.67 mg/ml.

Winged Wellness CBD Gummies

The full-spectrum CBD gummies from Winged Wellness are great for discreet consumption and are formulated using organically certified hemp oil. The cannabinoids are extracted using the clean CO2 method and then mixed with other organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, as listed on the product page. The company recommends these gummies for sublingual or oral use and offers them for specific needs. Some products also contain natural CBG and CBC, alongside the highest CBD content. Popular gummies available are:

  • 300 mg Relaxation CBD Gummies, 30 ct, 10 mg/unit.
  • 300 mg Sleepy CBD Gummies, 30 ct, 10 mg/unit.

Winged Wellness Chocolate Bites

The introduction of CBD chocolate bites means customers can also consume the cannabinoids through tasty and less irritating products. These chocolate bars are made using full-spectrum CBD extracted using the CO2 extraction process. They contain no artificial dyes, colors, or fillers. This makes them suitable for any woman, and the company recommends them for external use only. The best chocolate bites from the company include the following:

  • 360 mg Relaxation CBD Dark Chocolate Bites, 30 mg/unit.

Reviewed Products

Our team ordered several products from the Winged Wellness company and decided to test if what was indicated on the product page matches what we got. After our evaluation, we decided to give our honest review on the following products:

10 Mg Relaxation CBD Gummies, 30 ct

These organic, vegan-friendly, and Kosher-certified gummies are amber yellow and have a traditional gummy texture. They are semi-circular and coated with granulated sugar. They also have a natural sweetness resulting from the organic sugar and tapioca syrup included during formulation. When we tested for accuracy, we noticed that each 10 mg gummy had 12.48 mg of CBD per one gummy serving size, while the 210 mg bottle had 262.08 mg of CBD. This translates to an accuracy variance of 24.8%, which is way above the acceptable 10% limit.

The gummies did not contain heavy metals, microbial, or pesticides, based on the purity tests. Therefore, the company recommends these gummies for women looking for full-spectrum CBD to relieve stress, anxiety, and improve their overall wellbeing.

10 mg Sleepy CBD Gummies, 30 ct

Unlike the relaxation gummies, sleepy gummies have between a dark-red orange and medium brown color. They are also formulated from organic and Kosher-certified full-spectrum CBD but have a sticky consistency and gelatinous texture. However, they are made using fruit pectin instead of gelatin, as most people would think. These sleepy gummies are also semi-circular, and the company recommends them only for oral use. The only downside is that they leave a sticky residue on the fingers.

Regarding their accuracy, each 10 mg gummy had 11.15 mg of CBD per one gummy serving size, while a bottle labeled 300 mg had 345 mg of CBD. This gives an accuracy variance of about 15%, above the legal 10% variance limit. Purity tests indicated no traces of heavy metals, microbial, or pesticides. Therefore, these gummies are suitable for women who need CBD products for enhanced sleeping routines since they treat insomnia and improve overall sleeping patterns.

25 mg Relief Pain Support CBD Softgels, 30 ct

Women looking for long-lasting CBD products to help in relieving daily physical discomfort and menstrual cramps should try these Relief Pain Support Softgels. These capsules are about the vitamin size and are formulated using all-natural full-spectrum CBD. They are also dark brownish-black and have a traditional softgel consistency. The company sells these capsules in 30 ml bottles, each containing 30 capsules, and recommends them for oral use only for fast results. The

Each capsule is labeled to have 25 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBG, translating to 750 mg of CBD and 300 mg of CBG per bottle. However, when we tested for accuracy, we realized each bottle contained 1167 mg of CBD and 474 mg of CBG, while a serving of one softgel had 38.9 mg of CBD and 15.8 mg of CBG. This gives an accuracy variance of about 55.6%, way above the acceptable 10% limit.

Buying Experience

We had among the best buying experience from the company, starting from the easy-to-navigate website to a comprehensive product page that provided vital information, including the ingredients, potencies, benefits, and possible side effects. More information is also provided in the About section, found at the bottom of every page. The company also allows buyers to make purchases based on the specific requirements using the Shop link found on the main menu.

We could also reach the support team via the phone, email, or online messaging platform provided under the support chat widget on every page. For instance, the team provided more information about the shipping policy and extract types the next business day through an email. It also gave lab results for three products batch numbers that were missing on the centralized testing hub, though it took two weeks to respond.

Shipping and Return Policies

The company ships all orders between two and four business days, which is a bit fast, considering that brands can take up to one week to make deliveries. However, our order was delivered in a less discreet box via FedEx Ground. It also had a large company sticker with their name and contact information on the side. The products were secured in a smaller box, with each item wrapped individually. Luckily, the company runs a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, as explained in the FAQ and Return Policy sections, which allowed us to test and ensure they delivered the right order.

What We Liked About the Company

  • All Winged Wellness products are USDA-certified and 100% organic.
  • The company offers vegan options in some of its products.
  • It runs a centralized testing hub where customers can review each product before buying.
  • It offers free shipping on all orders.

What We Didn’t Like About the Company

  • The company has a slow customer service response team.
  • The centralized testing hub lacks purity test results for some products.
  • Its products have mixed accuracy variances.

Our Overall Verdict

Winged Wellness has won the hearts of many women due to one major reason; sticking to its primary mission of providing CBD products that address women’s problems only. For this reason, the company creates high-quality and specific products that help women of all ages to live happy life again. Also, since the market is now full of different supplements, women with individual symptoms may find it hard to identify the best products to treat their conditions. Therefore, having a company with one target audience only becomes a huge remedy for such women.

The company also sells its products at an affordable price range, which favors all women in the world. It also has five bundle options, which can save the customer about 15% off the regular price. These include an Ultimate CBD Skincare, Multi 3-Pack of Sleepy and Relaxation Gummies, Day and Night Gummy, and Ultimate Winged Gift bundle containing two CBD items and one non-CBD item. Generally, we can confidently recommend Winged Wellness for any woman facing anxiety, depression, and insomnia because, besides offering CBD products for relation and enhanced sleep, it also runs an educational program to empower all women in the community.


Elena Ognivtseva

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