What is the recommended CBD dosage for vaping?


Like other CBD products, there are no recommended dosages for CBD vapes. Rather, you can determine the ideal dosage based on the potency of the vaping juice, metabolism, and your body factors. Here is everything you need to know about how much dosage you need in a vape.

CBD vapes are deemed among the most effective CBD delivery methods. They are fast at delivering the cannabinoid to the lungs, allowing for faster absorption. Hence, you may want to explore CBD vapes if you want CBD to have faster results. Still, many things remain unknown about CBD in the various deliverable methods, including CBD vapes. For instance, most people interested in CBD vapes would lie to know how much CBD they can vape. Interestingly, there is no straight answer to this. Rather, how much CBD you need depends on the potency of the vaping juice and your body factors, as brought out in this article.

Introducing CBD and CBD Vapes

What is CBD? This question rings bells to may since it is common. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid mostly from hemp and marijuana plants. Cannabinoids are the active compounds in cannabis plants and are more than 113 in number. You can have CBD, CBT, CBC, CBN, CBG, the psychoactive THC, and many others. While there are many cannabinoids, many people relate to CBD since it does not make one ‘high’ even as it expresses its effects.

CBD vapes are inhalable CBD products. There are many ways of exploring the benefits of CBD, including through inhalation. If you choose the inhalable route, you may need high-CBD cannabis flowers or CBD vapes that this article builds on. Vaping CBD requires caping equipment, including vaping pens, tanks, and cartridges, most of which you can have in disposable or replaceable options.

Dosing CBD Vapes; Why Is It Important?

How much CBD vapes one can take at ago remains a common question, and you may wonder why this is the case. Solowij (2018) reports that CBD effects are more or less related to the dosage, even if the proportionality is not direct per se. Besides, Atakan (2012) reported that CBD (in whichever form) might have varying results depending on the dosage. As such, irrespective of the delivery method you have chosen for CBD, dosing the cannabinoid remains critically important. Meanwhile, Watt & Karl (2017), while exploring the effects of CBD oil on Alzheimer’s disease, found that CBD might have some therapeutic effects. More and more people are thus embracing the cannabinoid, hence the need to relay the right information, particularly on dosing CBD vapes.

What Is the Recommended CBD Dosage for Vaping?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, vaping CBD is one of the many ways to enjoy the CBD benefits. Still, many wonder how much CBD they should vape or what the recommended CBD dosage for vaping is. Surprisingly, there is no recommended dosage for vaping CBD. There are no CBD dosage recommendations, whether you are using vaping tanks, cartridges, or pens for vaping the cannabinoid. This is especially a critical challenge, following the mass popularity of CBD vapes. The FDA does not control the production of non-prescription CBD, including CBD vapes, so does it not recommend the dosages in which the vapes need to be administered. Are you anticipating vaping CBD? You may want to know the following factors that will help you determine the appropriate CBD vape dosage.

The Potency of CBD Juice or Vape Cartridge Is Critical

Like other CBD products, determining the appropriate CBD dosage when vaping takes into account the potency of the CBD juice or the contents of the vaping equipment. How potent is the CBD liquid in the CBD cartridge? The more potent the juice, the lower the dosage should be. Meanwhile, vaping low-potency CBD juice might require you to do more puffs to feel the desired effects. Calculating the CBD potency of any product is easy, and you only need to find the quotient of the total CBD weight and the volume of the cannabinoid.

Check on Your Metabolic Rates

Metabolism is equally a critical factor in determining the appropriate CBD dosage for all CBD delivery methods, including CBD vapes. Generally, people who metabolize CBD fast might need more puffs when vaping CBD, while individuals with low metabolism need low dosages to experience the same effects. How, though, does one know his metabolism for CBD and use the information to determine the right dosage when vaping CBD? It is only by experimenting with the product and progressively increasing it when need be. Meanwhile, keeping track of the puffs, their strengths, and the corresponding effects helps you know whether and when to up the dosage.

Body Weight Matters

Another factor determining how much CBD you need while vaping is your body weight. A 250 lbs heavy person might need several puffs while vaping CBD to feel any effect. Besides, thy might have to do strong lung puffs to increase the chances of feeling the effects of the cannabinoid. Meanwhile, you might only need one or two puffs of CBD when vaping if you weigh 150 lbs.

You May Need to Check Your CBD Experience to Gauge the Appropriate CBD Dosage in Vaping

Like any other substance, CBD vapes need experience to determine how much you can take and when or whether to up the dosages and puffs. As you vape CBD, you get used to the cannabinoid, and the experience helps you know whether to keep the dosage right where it is or improve it. Of course, it might get to a point where you feel optimal effects and would not want to up the puffs, and this comes with time. Vučković et al. (2018) reported that CBD oil might help with pain but before you up the dosage for better pain management, you need experience in vaping to make informed decisions.


CBD oil is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis plants. There are different ways of exploring its benefits, including vaping it. Many wonder what the recommended CBD dosage is when vaping, and unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules on the exact dosages. Rather, you need to pay attention to your body weight, metabolism, and the potency of the CBD juice to determine dosages. Ultimately, the right dosages may vary across different users, depending on the factors herein discussed.


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