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Swiss Cannalife offers quality products using organic hemp plant extracts. Its products are formulated in a potency range from 25mg to 5000 mg of CBD. Currently, its line of products includes edibles, softgels, pet products, beverages, topicals, and tinctures. Swiss Cannalife uses lipid and CO2 extraction methods to obtain only useful elements of the hemp plant. MCT oil is part of its primary ingredients, apart from using organic hemp plants. It speeds up absorption and digestion as a maximum carrier of bioavailability. The company performs excellently on its CBD accuracy variance, with a potency variance of a 10% limit. In addition, most of its products are void of contaminants, and THC levels are within the 0.3% limit. The company obtains its organic hemp within the US, Vermont. It uses organic farming practices to avoid contaminating the end products. Besides, the products are formulated in broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and organic entourage-complete CBD. Other products such as edibles and ground coffee are formulated using a different type of extraction; nono-encapsulation and nano-emulsion. Additionally, the company products are of favorable prices.

About the Company

Swiss Cannalife was established in 2019 by professionals who believe in the benefits of CBD products. According to the website, the company is committed to offering quality CBD products to help its users’ health and wellness. All its products are plant-based, hemp being its primary ingredient. During crafting, the company is committed to coming up with products void of contaminants and THC. Swiss Cannalife pays attention to every level involved contributing to its end products from the seed level of the hemp until they are packed. Also, during manufacturing, it minimizes the kind and the total number of chemicals to avoid contaminating the environment and the products.

Swiss Cannalife upholds the highest levels of transparency to win its customer’s trust and confidence. All their practices, from farming to delivery of its products, are posted on the website. The company ensures all its products have been tested for potency and purity for safe consumption and usage. To access its lab results, it offers a different link on the lower end of its website, “Lab results.” According to its support team, Swiss Cannalife has offered accurate lab results since it uses a centralized lab. Also, it tests all its raw materials to ensure they are void of contaminants before processing.

Swiss Cannalife offers product descriptions to help its customers buy from them for the first time to understand its products better. Its product catalog is well designed, with products separated depending on their formulations into topicals, pet products, edibles, and tinctures. To reach its product description, one has to click on specific products. Some product descriptions include the ingredients, THC and CBD levels, administering the products, and purpose. Adding and removing products to the shopping cart is quick and straightforward. The company allows payments from either a registered bank or credit card. After making payments, the company emails the number of products, a tracking number, and the duration to which you’ll get your products. We received our products on the second day after ordering, discreetly packed.

Swiss Cannalife offers a full refund on ineffective products 30 days after product delivery to customers when they complain via its support team. The company only offers a refund on claims made within 30 days and returned in their original packing, unopened. Also, goods might be damaged during shipping. In such cases, customers are to forward a complaint within 48 hours for a replacement.

Although Swiss Cannalife has no FAQ page and a live chatbox, it offers various contact details to reach its support team. It has provided an active phone number (888-789-6846), email address ([email protected]), and message box. When we reached its support team via email regarding quality and the farming methods, one of its team members responded within a few hours. The response was comprehensive and satisfactory.

The company also has a review page that helps it keep track of its market performance and product effectiveness. It has accumulated over 1000 positive reviews, indicating impressive performance. Also, it has social media platforms to help customers interact and keep its customers informed on adjustments or new products in the market.

Manufacturing Process

Swiss Cannalife is a legal grower of the organic hemp plant and certified by FDA as a legal manufacturer of organic hemp-based products. The company participates in organic farming practices, and its farm is based in the US, Vermont. It has an agricultural expert overseeing its sustenance until its ready for harvesting. During harvesting, it uses handpicking method to minimize wastage. It only harvests mature hemp, which qualifies its end products. Besides using hemp plant as its primary ingredient, MCT oil is also used to maximize effectiveness. MCT oils are a maximum carrier of bioavailability, making them suitable for speeding absorption.

Although some companies rely on one extraction method, Swiss Cannalife utilizes CO2, nano-encapsulations, and nano-emulsion methods. However, CO2 is their primary extraction method, and it is used in nearly all its products. CO2 is highly preferred because it is eco-friendly, effective, and minimizes the risks of contaminating the end products.

After manufacturing, all the products are tested for purity and potency to ensure quality and safety has been achieved. The lab checks THC and CBD variances and ensures they do not exceed 0.3% and 10%, respectively. Also, it ensures all the products are free from contaminants that might escalate the chances of contracting diseases such as cancer. Using the products we obtained from the company, none has posed a threat because of contaminants. The company has been successful in its lab results since it utilizes a centralized lab. After each batch has been assessed, the results are posted under “Lab results” and under each product on the product catalog. In addition, QR codes are provided on each label for customer verification. These codes can be scanned using a smartphone.

Range of Products

Swiss Cannalife offers a considerably wide range of products, including pet products, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and edibles. They are manufactured in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum and formulated using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil. All the products are offered in a potency range of 25mg to 5000mg of CBD, considerable and suitable for veterans and newbies.

Swiss Cannalife CBD Tinctures

Although tinctures might not be discreet, they are effective and easily digested in the bloodstream, unlike other products such as topicals and gummies. Swiss Cannalife manufactures its tinctures using organic hemp plant extracts obtained from CO2 extraction. Other natural elements such as MCT oil are also incorporated to speed effectiveness. All the tinctures are formulated in full-spectrum with various potency levels. They are sold from $35 to $109 depending on the potency levels, ranging from 150mg to 5000mg. According to the product description offered, they are for oral and sublingual use. The tinctures can also be added to favorite drinks or food, with a dosage of 1ml a day.

Swiss Cannalife CBD Capsules

Most people prefer capsules because they are easy to move around with. Consuming capsules is also easy since they can be administered at a go, using your favorite non-alcoholic beverages or pure water. Swiss Cannalife offers 750mg and 135mg capsules formulated using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to maximize absorption. The company recommends one capsule a day and is for oral use only.

Swiss Cannalife CBD Tropicals

If you wish to improve the look of your skin or calm your muscles from a long day or workout, try topical products. They are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to maximize absorption. Swiss Cannalife only manufactures two topical products; CBD Heat (200mg, 50mg) and Orthodiol (2000mg). It recommends them for external use only and uses natural elements such as lavender and eucalyptus for smooth application.

Swiss Cannalife CBD Edibles

Swiss Cannalife offers various edibles manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil. Some edibles include coffee and chocolates, though it does not offer gummies. Chocolates are manufactured in the potency of 250mg at $35. In comparison, the coffee bean is manufactured in the potency of 300mg at $45. All their edibles undergo lab testing for potency and purity affirmation.

What We Like About the Company

Swiss Cannalife has a wide product catalog enabling you to get nearly all the products you might need. It has one of the best products since its potency and THC levels are within the required limit. Unlike most companies relying on external labs, it utilizes a centralized lab. The company offers independent lab results on each product. It has provided a separate link that leads you to detailed, accurate results. Also, it has an easy-to-use and updated website that enhances navigation.

What We Do Not Like About the Brand

The brand has inadequate lab testing, especially on contaminants, even after using an independent lab. In addition, some Swiss Cannalife products contain high potency variance compared to the labeled ones. As a result, its transparency becomes questionable, exposing its customer to overdosing.

Overall Verdict

Swiss Cannalife aims at offering people a better living using quality products manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside other natural elements to maximize quality. After each batch has been crafted, they are tested for purity and potency as a safety measure. Furthermore, the company ships its products for free. It has numerous advantages, but with a bigger weakness; inaccurate potency variance. Since Swiss Cannalife has a centralized lab, it should work on potency variance and feed its customers with accurate information. In addition, it should stress purity tests for the safety of its products.


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