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Minted Leaf CBD has one of the best websites with unique and updated features to help customers get instant responses on their online chatbox. The brand was established in 2019 to offer a long-lasting solution to health and wellness issues. Although their website is unique, they have not offered much information regarding the company or its founders. Instead, they prioritize their missions, which include educating consumers on the benefits of the hemp plant responsibly, upholding hold science in their product development, utilizing high quality, and ensuring the products are processed and manufactured within the USA. Their rates are high compared to potential competitors. Also, their product line is limited. They only offer soft gels, topicals, and tinctures. Unlike other companies, Minted Leaf holds high confidence in its products and offers 60 days money-back guarantee to customers who find its products ineffective. Although current trends within the CBD market offer free shipping on all purchases, Minted Leaf only offers free shipping on orders exceeding $30.

About the Company

Although the brand does not offer a lot of information about its history and how it came to existence, it aims at offering quality products and educating people on the significance of using organic hemp-based products. All the processes involved in their end products right from the seed levels are carried out within the USA. The company is owned by MMG Equity Partners, who developed an interest in the rapid growth of CBD products and established the brand out of Florida. MMG is a common brand, especially within Florida, and owns a chain of businesses. According to their website, they only use organic hemp to manufacture their products. Although they mention that they rely on their farm within the USA to grow hemp, they have not specified the exact location and farming practices. This forced us to reach its support team seeking clarification, and they noted that their hemp comes from Colorado, the best producer of organic hemp due to its soil fertility.

The company offers products manufactured using organically grown hemp in full-spectrum. The company has the best systems for easy purchasing for first-timers who would wish to try out their products. To facilitate the buying experience, they offer product descriptions for customers to understand the products better. The product descriptions offered include ingredients, lab report, consumption method, the correct dosage, flavors, and the extraction method. Unlike other brands, the company offers warnings concerning its products’ side effects if taken in excess or administered wrongly.

Buying their products is easy. After checking the contents and details of the products, proceed to select the number of products you need and add it to your shopping cart. Confirm the list before making payments. Notably, removing products from our shopping cart was easy. Also, making payments is straightforward, and they allow payments from the bank and credit card. Our payments were processed within two minutes, and we received an email verifying payments and order success. A tracking number was offered to help us follow up on the products until the delivery (on the third day). The products were also discreetly packed.

Since the company is determined to track its performance and product effectiveness, it offers a review page. Currently, the company has over 3,000 reviews, with 90% being positive. Notably, the negative reviews were responded to positively, with the company promising adjustments where necessary. Besides, they also have social media platforms to bring their customers together and interact as they share new trends within CBD and about the company.

The company has a FAQ page addressing fundamental concerns. Some of the concerns include the relevance of CBD, how effective Minted Leaf products are, their shipping and return policy, and whether their products can get someone high. If your concern is not addressed, you can contact its support team via email address, phone number, or live chat. Their live chat is also active, and an assistant promptly addresses your concerns. When we reached out to its support team via live chat, our concern was responded to instantly and satisfactorily.

Manufacturing Process

According to the support staff who responded to our concern, the company only uses organic hemp to manufacture its products. Minted Leaf ensures their products occur organically from the seed level, where sustainable farming practices are used, to harvesting. Also, they harvest only fully matured hemp. Although they highly rely on hemp, they have considered other useful natural elements such as MCT oil to maximize quality and enhance rapid effectiveness.

The company prefers CO2 as its primary extraction method to ensure they only use useful terpenes and cannabinoids to craft their products. This method is widely used in the food and medicine industry due to its effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. Besides, all its manufacturing protocols and facility are FDA approved. They only use conducive manufacturing practices to minimize pollution of the products and environment.

After each batch has been crafted, they ensure the products are safe for consumption and contain the standard potency with the aid of a reputable independent third-party lab. This lab ensures that CBD potency variance is within 10% and THC levels don’t exceed 0.3. In addition, their products are tested to ensure they are void of chemicals, heavy metals, and any other solvent that might interfere with its purity.

Range of products

Although the company has a limited line of products, they are of high quality and manufactured by a team of professionals. They use a vertically integrated manufacturing process. Also, apart from MCT oil and organic hemp extracts, the company uses other relevant naturally occurring elements to maximize effectiveness. In addition, the limited line of products is manufactured in a wide potency range and in various flavors to address various needs.

Minted Leaf Capsules

Capsules are highly preferred since they can be administered at one go with the aid of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage or pure water. Also, capsules are convenient and can be easily administered even at the workplace discreetly. Currently, the company only offers one type of capsule in 750 mg at $59.99. They are offered in a bottle of 30 capsules, recommended for oral use only. Beginners are advised to take one capsule a day, while veterans can have at most two, depending on the body reaction.

Minted Leaf CBD Topicals

Topicals are ideal for people who wish to avoid the natural taste of the hemp plant. They are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for maximum effectiveness and enhanced rapid absorption. Currently, the company offers six unique topical products, including roll-ons and body creams. The prices of these topicals depend on the product and the potency level. Besides CBD and MCT oil, other natural ingredients include menthol, histamine dihydrochloride, and capsaicin. These products are recommended for topical use only.

Minted Leaf CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are easily absorbed in the skin due to their liquid nature. The company suggests a few drops placed under the tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing for veterans and those who wish rapid effectiveness. Also, to evade the natural taste, add 1ml drop in your favorite food or non-alcoholic beverage. The company offers them in a 30 ml bottle in a potency range of 250 mg to 1500 mg. The company maximizes MCT oil and organic hemp extracts to craft them in the full-spectrum formulation.

What we like about the company

The company only offers free shipping on orders exceeding $30. In contrast, other companies offer free shipping on orders exceeding $75. The company has made access to its COA report easy. They offer QR odes, which can be scanned from the phone to confirm the lab results on every batch.

What we don’t like about the company

Although they insist that their products are organic and non-GMO, their hemp has not been certified. Also, as time goes by, they should consider offering more products such as vape products and pet products to attract more customers. In addition, the company should expand its capsule’s potency levels to address unique demands, especially for veterans. Lastly, some customer questions and concerns are not responded to by their support team.

Overall Verdict

Minted Leaf is one of the best CBD brands interested in educating its customers more about the relevance of CBD products. A team of experts manufactures the company’s products to ensure quality has been fully attained. Also, they use an independent third-party lab to test the quality and purity of each batch before its packed and released to the market. Although the company has a few shortcomings, none is directly linked to its products. However, they need to be addressed since competition within the CBD market is rapidly increasing.


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