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Kushly is a CBD brand based in Los Angeles. It does not appear quite popular, nor is it an impressive brand. The hugest problem with this brand is that it does not publicly avail independent 3rd party results, which is such a red flag in the CBD arena, considering that we only recommend companies that readily avail lab results for public viewership. Moreover, the brand is not transparent as other reputable CBD brands. A lot of information is lacking on its website, including its sources of hemp. While it prides itself in sourcing its hemp from the famous US Hemp Authority certified farms, there is no substantial proof of this. As such, the brand does not seem to have a lot underneath to offer. Nonetheless, we appreciate its fairly decent product inventory since it offers mainstay CBD products, including topicals, tinctures, capsules, edibles, and less common products like bath bombs and cosmetic & skincare products. Do Kushly products deserve your pence? Should you trust the brand? This is the full 2022 Kushly review, and it answers these questions.

About the Company

Kushly is about three years old in the CBD arena after its launch in 2018. It was founded by Cody Alt, who happens to be the founder of PureKana, another popular CBD brand. Despite having a reputable sister brand, Kushly seems not to be as transparent as PureKana or other CBD brands. For instance, on its About Us page, you only come across a generic statement as opposed to details that help you understand the brand better. Moreover, it crafts a beautiful Contact page but does not put any email address or phone number for reaching out to the brand.

Granted, Kushly’s official website is sleek, and presentation matters, but not without content. Although Kushly has a page that’s quite appealing to the eye, it lacks transparency. Transparency in the sense of conducting 3rd party tests and including the results on the website is critical in the CBD arena, and brands that fail to do this are not trusted. However, Kushly seems not to honor this requirement and does not post lab results online, which is a red flag. Moreover, the company is not open about its hemp sources. Of course, it claims to be sourcing its hemp from US hemp Authority certified farms, but there is no substantial proof of this.

Admittedly, Kushly boasts a fairly decent product inventory, more like what its sister brand, and includes other products not offered by the sister brand. It offers the mainstay CBD products like capsules, topicals, gummies, tinctures, pet items, and goes ahead to provide the less common products like bath bombs and skincare products. The average price point of these products is somewhere between average (within the market range) and high. For instance, the mainstay products like tinctures and gummies pose price points within the market range, and are considered generally fair. However, the less common items in the CBD arena, including bath bombs and cosmetics & skincare products, have as high as $2.78 per mg CBD price range, which is a bit higher.


The following specs are true to Kushly CBD;

  • The average price point is $0.07- $2.78
  • CBD products in the brand’s inventory cost $11.99- 4130
  • Extract consumption methods include gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules, skin care products, and bath bombs
  • Offer pet products
  • Varied potencies and flavors for some products
  • 3rd party lab results are not available online
  • The CO2 extraction method used to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces
  • No military veteran discounts
  • Free shipping available
  • A money-back guarantee applies
  • The total CBD concentrations in the products range from 25 to 1000 mg
  • Extracts feature full-spectrum CBD formulations

Manufacturing Process

Although Kushly does not reveal much information about its hemp sources and manufacturing processes, it basically mentions in passing that it uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. Besides, since it is founded by the same person behind PureKana, it makes sense that it uses the same extraction method to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces and sources its hemp from the same location, Kentucky farms.

The clean CO2 extraction method is considered the safest and the most effective in the CBD arena because it strips all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids and sparingly leaves the unwanted substances behind. Moreover, it is one of the few methods that will not attach solvents to the cannabinoids, promoting product safety. Once the extracts are obtained, they are ready for further formulation with other ingredients, including MCT oil which many brands use to boost product bioavailability. However, Kushly does not seem to use MCT oil for the formulation of its products. The extracts are available in full-spectrum formulations, meaning they offer the full entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids, but not without the psychoactive THC.

The next stage is 3rd party testing which is a quality and control step that examines CBD extracts for THC and CBD potency as well as purity for standard contaminants, including heavy metals, solvents, microbials, mycotoxins, and residue. Once the tests are done, the results should be posted online for easy client viewership. Sadly, Kushly does not post its results only, which is a major setback, considering that transparency in the hemp space is gauged by the availability of test results. What’s more, we could not find the results even after several efforts to reach out to the customer care department.

Range of Products

The following products can be found on Kushly’s website for your purchase;

Kushly CBD Tinctures

The tinctures by Kushly come in full-spectrum formulations and are packed in 30 ml bottles. The total CBD concentrations vary across the board and include 300, 600, and 1000 mg CBD. You can choose the natural unflavored tinctures but can also opt for the flavored mint, vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon options.

Kushly CBD Topicals

Kushly’s topical line offers CBD menthol-infused pain relievers. The pain relievers contain full-spectrum CBD and come in various CBD concentrations, ranging from 20 to 1500 mg. However, the volume of the topicals is the same, i.e., 3.4 oz, leading to a wide variation of potencies, from 0.17 to 25 mg/ml.

Kushly CBD Toothpicks

The brand offers CBD toothpicks, each delivering 25 mg CBD. They come in packs of 10. Moreover, they come in multiple flavors, including apple strawberry, apple mint, cinnamint, and limeade.

Kushly CBD Capsules

The brand also deals in capsules that come in full-spectrum formulations. The capsules come in 30-count jars, each delivering 25 mg CBD. There is only one capsule option in the brand’s inventory, and we hope other options will come. The capsules are strictly taken orally.

Kushly CBD Gummies

Do you hate the bad aftertaste of CBD oils and still long for CBD benefits? You can try Kushly’s CBD gummies for a great CBD experience. Each gummy delivers 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD and comes in 25-count jars, translating to a total of 750 mg CBD in the container.

Kushly CBD Pet Items

Kushly offers CBD products for pets in the form of dog treats. They are available for small and large dogs, where the small dogs take 1 mg treats while the 2.5 mg treats are for large ones. The small and large dogs’ treats are packed in counts of 25 and 20, respectively.

Kushly CBD Bath Bombs

The brand also offers bath bombs for external uses. They come in 25 or 250 mg total concentrations, costing $11.99 or $26, respectively. The bath bombs come in various flavors, including lavender, lemon, mint, citrus, and rose.

Kushly Skincare Products

These contain CBD and additional ingredients like vitamin E, retinol, collagen, etc. They include a facial cleanser, under-eye cream, mud mask, collagen cream, and facial cream. They are packed in 15- 118 ml bottles, with CBD concentrations being 20 mg across the board and 50 mg for the mask. Further instructions on using the products are available on product pages.

What We Like About the Company

We found the following pros with Kushly CBD brand;

  • The brand offers a fairly decent range of products, including the mainstay CBD products like capsules, tinctures, topicals, and gummies, and the less common products like cosmetic and skincare items
  • CBD tinctures and other mainstay items a pose fair price point, allowing more people to buy them
  • Some products have multiple potencies and flavors, offering people a great variety
  • The full-spectrum formulations offered by the brand guarantee full entourage effects
  • There is a free shipping arrangement that allows clients to save a few bucks by buying Kushly’s CBD products
  • The money-back satisfaction guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file complaints and have them reviewed for possible exchanges and returns
  • The clean CO2 extraction method used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surface ensures efficiency, allowing only the needed cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to be removed but does not attach solvents to the extracts

What We Do Not Like About the Company

There are many kinks related to Kushly CBD brand, including;

  • The brand does not come out clean regarding its hemp sources, and while it claims to source its hemp from US Hemp Authority certified farms, there is no proof of this
  • Kushly does not state whether it uses whole hemp plant or pure CBD to manufacture its products
  • The brand does not upload 3rd party results, which is a red flag, considering the results are the main indicators of transparency in the CBD space
  • Generally, Kushly is not transparent about many things, including critical information in the About Us section, where it merely offers generic sentences without detailing enough about the brand
  • The company’s website has an FAQ link, but the section is somewhat limited in what it discusses
  • The Contact page on the website does not have an email address or a phone number for reaching the customer care desk
  • The customer care desk is not responsive since we reached out to it severally on lab results but did not get any responses, even by the time we finished developing this review

Our Verdict

Kushly is a Los Angeles-based CBD brand sister to the famous PureKana CBD company. It saw its debut in 2018 and was founded by the person behind PureKana, Cody Alt. Generally, the brand has a long way to go to make it in the CBD arena. It is not transparent as it should because it holds many pieces of critical information proprietary and not available to the public. For instance, it does not reveal its CBD products are whole-plant or pure CBD, does not post lab results online for customer viewership and does not provide relevant information on the About Us and Contact sections of the website. Of course, the official page has a sleek appearance but does not have a lot underneath. Granted, the brand boasts several strongholds, including a fairly wide product inventory, free shipping, a money-back satisfaction guarantee, and a fair product price point for particular items. It offers full-spectrum CBD products, including capsules, gummies, topicals, tinctures, skincare & cosmetic products, and bath bombs. Consequently, the brand has some strongholds, but it must improve the stated areas to perform better in the CBD arena.


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