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Human health is extremely important, and one requires different products to sustain their life. Over the years, health issues have become a major concern. Researchers have developed different industries to solve this problem. The number of CBD companies is significantly increasing, with most of them manufacturing products claimed to boost human health. In reality, some clients have reported bad experiences with these products. Unfortunately, others are confessing to avoiding CBD products completely. Illegitimate products have caused upheavals everywhere. Consequently, many people have given up on CBD products. Still, others are on the verge of making a decision.

The Kore Organic CBD brand manufactures high-quality products with many varieties. These products have passed through third-party testing to confirm their safety and potency for human consumption. This company is transparent in its manufacturing processes and every vital aspect. Continue reading this review for wonderful insights.

About the Company

Kore Organics is a Hemp industries conglomerate, an association that sponsors the hemp benefits and its industry and offers education to people around hemp and its products. This brand attempts to produce the best quality cannabidiol to its clients as it is transparent, especially when dealing with testing, manufacturing, and growing practices. However, no details exist concerning the true company’s members or founders. The company is situated in Tampa, Florida. If you intend to communicate with their team, use email, phone, or chats within their business time from 9 am-5 pm per day. Although the brand does not own an FAQ page, they have a blog cannabidiol glossary used to study CBD and its usage. Kore Organics conducts four third-party tests on their products for potency and purity. In addition, every product contains a QR code and batch number to check its third-party results. The laboratory reports show the THC and CBD levels.

We evaluated the outcomes for Canadian Maple bacon pet cannabidiol oil, and the laboratory results exhibited 459.8mg per bottle. Analytically, this amount is 9.8mg higher than the listed 2% CBD variance. This value was within the allowed 10% cannabidiol variance according to CBD regulations. In addition, no THC was detected, although contaminants were not tested.

Manufacturing Process

Kore Organics deals with GMO-free hemp grown in Northern Colorado farms. They use non-chemical farming methods implying that the hemp is free from heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals during the growth process. Before they put hemp into the manufacturing facility, all the unprocessed ones are laboratory examined for impurities, like pesticides, microbes, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. In addition, the manufacturing facility uses GMP, which implies that this brand conforms to regulated quality-controlled activities.

This brand uses hydrocarbon extraction during CBD processing. This process involves combining a solvent such as propane or butane into the hemp to manufacture cannabidiol, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Later, the solvent is eliminated and evaporated by heating, leaving the hemp products.

The brand uses cannabidiol isolate, which is THC-free or various synergistic hemp terpenes and plant ingredients. Furthermore, every product is granted a QR code and batch number to associate it with the analysis certificate.

Range of Products

Watermelon CBD Oil

This product is available in a bottle (glass) with a dropper cover inside and an outer wooden box. Surprisingly, the 30ml bottle contains an overall CBD isolate of 450mg. The tincture is based on MCT Oil, hemp, and grape seed oil with a non-chemical watermelon flavor. This oral cannabidiol oil guidelines are wobble and should be consumed in one to four portions. Notably, this oil is transparent and contains a skinny consistency resembling water. It tastes and smells like juicy watermelon without any earthy hemp feeling.

There is a QR code and batch number on the product. We checked the provided information, and the product’s batch number could not be found. Still, we evaluated the provided laboratory report for the product. The results indicated 452.6mg per bottle. This amount is 2.6mg greater than the one labeled for a cannabidiol variance below 1%. According to CBD guidelines, this percentage is within the allowed 10% cannabidiol variance. In addition, no THC was detected, although the contaminants’ tests were not conducted. This product is excellent for individuals desiring comprehensive THC-free cannabidiol, an organic tincture in a sweet watermelon flavor.

Canadian Maple Bacon Pet CBD Oil

This product is enveloped in a wooden box having a bottle (glass) with a dropper top inside. The thirty-milliliter bottle carries 450mg of cannabidiol, often obtained through hydrocarbon. This oil forms the basis for olive, hemp, and MCT oil seasoned with organic, natural flavors. Notably, the oil is designed for pets and should be orally administered. They are prescribed 1 to 2 droppers per day. This oil is thin, light yellow, and has a partial delicious bacon smell.

The product has a QR code and batch number. The products’ laboratory results indicated 459.8mg per bottle. This amount is 9.8mg higher than the one listed for 2% cannabidiol variance that is within the allowed 10% Cannabidiol variance from the CBD guidelines. The test confirmed that the product was THC-free, although contaminants were not tested in the sample. Conclusively, the product is excellent for individuals searching for THC-free/tincture, both non-chemical with natural flavors.

Awake CBD Massage Oil

A glass bottle of 6oz carries this Kore Organic product. The product has 450mg of vitamin E, jojoba seed, essential, olive, safflower seed, and coconut oils, along with hydrocarbon extracted cannabidiol. Since this topical oil was made for massage, there were no prescriptions on the bottle.

The oil was clear and had a skinny consistency. Its citrus smell quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving a silky, soft finish. The product has a QR code and batch number. However, after cross-checking this batch number with that available on the laboratory results, they could did not match.

We evaluated the provided laboratory results for this product. It showed 454.4mg per bottle. This amount was 4.4mg higher than  1% cannabidiol variance. This percentage was within the allowed 10% cannabidiol variance.

The tests confirmed this product is THC-free, although the contaminants tests were not conducted. The product is perfect for people seeking an overall natural cannabidiol massage oil with an awakening citrus smell.

CBD Kore-llection Gummies

This product is stored in plastic tubes. The total number of assorted gummies from varieties like cherries, gummy worms, and gummy bears is 36. The cannabidiol isolate produces a total amount of 540mg through the hydrocarbon extraction method. They are manufactured with an artificial color, natural flavors, palm oil, wheat flour, and sugar. However, they are unsuitable for folks on non-gluten diets but they suit vegans.

Manufacturers propose a maximum of two gummies consumption for good sleep though it’s not yet verified. The gummies are brightly colored, chewy, and soft. In addition, they have a fruity and delicious taste, lacking earthy hemp feelings. Fortunately, the product has a QR code and batch number which was not accurate after evaluating the laboratory results. The results showed 559.3mg/bottle which is 19.3mg higher than availed 4% CBD variance. This value was within the allowed 10% CBD variance according to CBD regulations.

The tests verified that this product was THC-free but the impurities present were not tested in the sample. Conclusively, this product is suitable for individuals searching for sweet CBD gummies assortment THC-free and are non-gluten diet.

Focus CBD Capsules

This product is availed in a paper sleeve with every package having five capsules. Each capsule contains 15mg of citrus Aurantium, magnesium, calcium, phenyl-GABA, along with hydrocarbon extracted cannabidiol isolate. Sadly, the brand does not indicate the capsule constituents.

These capsules have no taste or smell and has a bright orange color. The manufacturers designed them for oral utilization, and the prescription is consuming one to two capsules per day. The product has a QR code and batch number but on assessing the provided results from reports, the product’s meticulous batch number could not be found. Notably, this product can be recommended to folks seeking non-THC cannabidiol capsule that has constituents for mental focus and relaxation.

What We Like About the Company

  • The Kore Organic products undergo quadruple laboratory testing.
  • Many reviews have confirmed that these products contain accurate cannabidiol levels.
  • The hemp is obtained through non-chemical farming practices.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • There are limited laboratory reports for several products
  • The company uses flavors and artificial colors in certain products.
  • The customer care services are ineffective.

Overall Verdict

All CBD companies claim to use the best quality hemp, particularly in manufacturing therapeutics. Kore Organic goes beyond the basics since its products have undergone third-party laboratory testing and confirmed high quality. It produces various products, including CBD topicals and edibles. This company is reputable based on the products it manufactures. We, therefore, recommend you attempt these products to reap the numerous benefits it offers. However, Kore Organic products are not meant for children, lactating, or breastfeeding mothers. People with serious medical issues and medications should consult a doctor before using them. Notably, these products are not verified, thus many people avoid using them to cure, treat or hinder diseases.


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