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Are you interested in getting an authentic CBD product? When purchasing CBD products, it may be challenging to get the right one. Currently, numerous brands are offering these products, and consumers are stuck deciding which product addresses their needs. However, if you are looking for authentic CBD products, Koi CBD guarantees the best. The company receives positive responses from its clients, and it is determined to offer the best service to all customers.

Furthermore, Koi CBD products have no GMO, pesticide, THC, solvent, or hexane, and they all undergo third-party testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. The purity of Koi CBD products is over 99% because the company uses organic ingredients to achieve the best quality. What’s more, the hemp used by this company originates from Colorado, a place with a good reputation regarding hemp growth. Also, the batches are examined for consistency, purity, and safety, and their effectiveness is guaranteed.

About the Company

The Koi CBD company was established in 2015, by Brad Ridenour and Brent Bruner. This company focuses on setting quality standards for CBD lovers. It is located in Norwalk, California. Koi CBD products are processed by certified laboratories. During the manufacturing process, the hemp is subjected to critical carbon dioxide extraction, guaranteeing the maximum purity of the product. As a result, Koi CBD products offer stronger effects than others and lack psychoactive effects. Also, the company is a member of different CBD organizations, such as the California Hemp Organization and Hemp Industries Association.

Koi CBD company aims to ensure that transparency is upheld in every sphere. All essential information is provided on the official website to anchor their objectives. Clients can also comment on their product’s experience and extend their reviews. The marketing department ensures that Koi CBD company is available on different social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. This creates channels through which the company receives feedback from its consumers. By so doing, the company has been significantly improving its standards to accommodate all consumers. Most of their transactions are done online to reach more people globally. Additionally, the company’s email and phone numbers are provided for easy communication. In case of any query or concern, visit the company’s FAQ page before engaging customer care.

Manufacturing Process

The Koi CBD company states that their products are processed in an FDA-approved facility that provides safe manufacturing practices. The company utilizes the Carbon (IV) oxide extraction method. Usually, this process does not involve solvents; thus, no chemicals are found in the end product. However, carbon (IV) oxide extraction leaves some traces of terpenes, which lowers the CBD’s potential and therapeutic effects. Koi CBD offers COAs (Certificate of Analysis) after analysis, specifically from approved third-party laboratories. These certificates contain information about all the ingredients in each product. However, a few certificates have no LOD (Limit of Detection) or LOQ (Limit of Quantification) for THC, making it challenging to confirm the THC quantity in the purchased product without seeing the LOD and LOQ the laboratory is utilizing. Also, the COAs vary regarding the type of information they have. For instance, COAs from Niva laboratories contain LOQs and LODs, whereas those from Green Scientifics do not. Every product listed below has updated COAs that uncovers LOD and LOQ for THC. Some are excluded because their COAs are outdated. We advise customers to try the products with COAs below one year and confirm their transparency about LOD and LOQ. Sometimes, the COAs and potency information labels on the product do not always match. Some COAs may contain higher CBD than what is provided on the product. Thus, ensure that the third-party testing is transparent and updated with certified laboratories. When purchasing from Koi CBD, the following products are recommended for you.

Range of Products

Koi CBD Tinctures

Are you looking for good extracts or essential oils for recreational or therapeutic roles? Koi CBD Tinctures are ideal for you. These products have numerous options that satisfy different customers’ tastes and preferences. Every product sold is 100 percent manufactured from hemp products authorized within the federal jurisdiction and has no typical cannabis strain. This natural tincture is provided for lovers of earthy hemp taste, but for people who do not like the earthy taste, flavored choices are available.

Koi CBD Delta-8 THC Gummies

If you are a lover of gummies, Koi CBD can quench your cravings. Attempt these gummies for fun and with new strategies for consuming CBD. Delta-8 THC differs from other THCs. Although Delta-8 and 9 share ideal structures, their chemical composition differs. These gummies are produced from organic ingredients like citric acid, sodium acid sulphate, sodium citrate, sunflower oil, pectin, and corn syrup. Also, they are composed of plant-obtained terpenes and 25 milligrams of hemp-extracted delta-8 THC. During the preparation, every ingredient is completely blended with gummies to guarantee consistency in the final product.

What’s more, every Delta-8 gummy has various flavors derived from strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon, mango, and lime. Also, you may select from different potency servings, from 150 to 500 milligrams.

Koi Delta-8 THC Cartridge

This powerful cartridge contains 90 percent of Delta-8 concentration per vape cart gram. Koi Delta-8 THC Cartridge is a 100 percent hemp-obtained product blended with terpenes and Delta-8 distillate. This cartridge contains no fillers or additives. These vape cartridges hinder elevated viscosity juice overheating. To experience the best pleasure, add a standard battery. Also, clients can select from various distinct strains, such as super sour diesel, gelato, blackberry kush, and lemon runtuz.

Koi CBD Soft Chews for Pets

Pets can also consume Koi CBD products. They are often 100 percent non-GMO and veterinarian-formulated, assuring good pet health. Mostly, one pack provides 25 soft and delicious treats. What’s more, every treat is mixed with approximately 2.5 milligrams of CBD, enough quantities for pets. Khoi CBD Soft chews for pets are available in 2 flavors, bacon or chicken.

Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Oil

The terpenes and cannabinoids blend in this CBD oil cause the entourage impacts, which research confirms might increase the CBD effects. The Koi Natural Hemp Extract Oil comes with a dropper for effective use. This oil is mostly available in an unflavored form, implying that it might contain a partially earthy taste. Few people love the natural hemp flavor because most prefer flavored oils.

Koi Naturals CBD Spray for Pets

This product is produced with a CBD extract (full-spectrum), with 500 milligrams of CBD added into a 60-milliliter bottle. These sprays can be conveniently fed to pets by adding CBD spray formula to their foods.

What We Like About the Company

Contains 100 percent natural ingredients

If you prefer natural ingredients, this product serves the purpose. Koi CBD products are manufactured from 100 percent natural ingredients. They only list 3 ingredients on the bottle; natural flavor, coconut oil, and CBD. Every flavor is natural, and you shouldn’t forego a natural lifestyle for taste. However, if you don’t like the natural taste, you can opt for some of the flavored products they provide.

Offers Full Spectrum CBD

Koi CBD company focuses on providing full spectrum products. Many laboratory reports comprise CBD with partial quantities of different cannabinoids. Usually, most reports do not indicate the number of terpenes in each batch. However, Koi CBD gives laboratory reports confirming the full spectrum indicated on every natural line. What’s more, the cannabinoids and terpenes range available in these products is wide. Therefore, those searching for entourage impact should consider this product for its authenticity.


Although the Koi CBD company is young, its commitment to its mission is 100 percent transparent. Every year, they upload their laboratory reporting and analysis to the website for every array of products. The Koi CBD company encourages their clients to contact them for more details, especially regarding the process of manufacturing oil and laboratory results.

Product and Effectiveness

Koi CBD company offers its customers various products. A certain customer comments indicate that the company is innovative and committed to providing better products. Most people have utilized Koi CBD products to relieve depression, chronic migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. The Koi CBD coconut oil ignites the instant functioning where its purity provides the maximum aid. What’s more, individuals have discovered that in conjunction with their medical doctors, they gradually lowered their recommended treatments or medications and applied CBD oil instead.

What We Dislike About the Company

Some of the company’s products are expensive, which might not directly match the value offered. It has quality products manufactured from carbon dioxide and clean hemp, but that does not distinguish it significantly from various brands with similar products.

Also, not every Koi CBD product contains updated COAs, and some COAs do not indicate the detection limit or quantification limit.

Koi CBD has previously received a warning letter from FDA and has been linked to certain lawsuits.

Overall Verdict

Hopefully, by evaluating this Koi CBD review, the customers have acquired better brand understanding, benefits, and drawbacks provided to the clients. Indeed, the Koi CBD brand is reliable and provides incredible products to its clients. Although there are some drawbacks like expensive products and previous lawsuit issues, Koi CBD products are high quality and have many potency varieties.


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