How many hits is a 5g cartridge?


Delta-8 cartridges are gaining popularity rapidly, especially among the youth who find the vaping experience more fascinating. Delta-8 is infused in various products, including tinctures, gummies, topicals, and now vapes. So, how many hits is a 5 cartridge? Learn more about the factors determining how many delta 8 puffs to take and how to determine the best 5g cartridge.

Vape products are one of the new developments within the hemp-based industry. Vaping Delta-8 THC is the most effective way of delivering tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your blood for therapeutic or recreational use. Vaping is better because it minimizes interaction with the awful taste of the hemp plant since the cartridges are offered in various flavors. Vape cartridges are offered in various potency levels beginning from 5 mg per ml to over 200 mg of Delta-8 THC ml. If you are going for a 5 g ml, how many hits should you take?

What are the Potential Risks of Delta-8?

Vaping and smoking are generally harmful to people’s health. However, they are yet to be regulated by the FDA. Vapers should take self-precautions by vaping considerably to avoid the possible side effects. No (2001) noted that the smoke destroys various body parts, including the liver and lungs. The smoke covering the lungs is likely to interfere with oxygen flow.

Delta-8 is also manufactured with THC, a psychoactive element, as suggested by Watson Corey et al. (2015). According to the study, some of the symptoms that you are experiencing psychoactive side effects include getting dizzy, anxious, and experiencing poor memory. Besides, Stuyt Elizabeth (2018) suggested that THC is likely to get you “high” if taken in high amounts as ones in marijuana.

THC, a major element of the hemp plant, is highly considered in determining its effect on our health. According to Gallily, Yekhtin & Lumir (2018), THC has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for regulating pain and anxiety and creating a better environment for sleep. Besides, Boehnke, Hauser & Fizcharies (2022) suggested that THC is suitable for reducing anxiety, working alongside other elements such as terpenes and flavonoids. The research also showed that it contributes highly to the entourage effect due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The entourage effect is the ability of various elements to work together to provide more health benefits than a single chemical compound. However, neither of the research is approved.

Factors Determining How Many Delta-8 Puffs To Take

A normal Delta-8 cartridge has approximately 150 puffs. However, taking each cartridge daily is not recommended since it results in the accumulation of THC in your systems, triggering the psychoactive side effects. Several factors determine how many hits of 5g Delta-8 THC you should take, including;


If you are a veteran, you can take 5 puffs of Delta-8 since the body has already adapted it. On the contrary, novices should limit the number of puffs since they are yet to determine the possible impact of Delta-8 on their bodies. They recommended taking at most 3 puffs and waiting for about 30 minutes to establish the impact. Chaumont et al. (2019) concluded that vaping offers rapid impact since the smoke is absorbed by the lungs and taken to the blood within minutes. If veterans wish to adjust the number of hits, it should be gradual as they monitor possible outcomes.

The Body Chemistry

Your body chemistry determines how you are going to withstand the possible outcomes of THC from taking several hits of 5 mg THC. If your immunity is weak, you will likely get overwhelmed by the psychoactive side effects with at most three hits. On the contrary, a strong immunity means the white blood cells fight off or withstand the negative effects of THC.

How To Determine the Best 5g Cartridge

Don’t just focus on the potency levels while buying or using a Delta-8 THC 5 g cartridge. There are various factors to prioritize for effectiveness and safety;

The Elements

The best 5g Delta-8 cartridge comprises only organic elements. Artificial ingredients are likely to tamper with the potency levels or effectiveness of your Delta-8 THC product due to chemical reactions. This also poses more health threats than benefits. Consider Delta-8 with organic ingredients such as MCT oil suitable for speeding effectiveness. According to Sonawale et al. (2016), coconut oil (MCT) has bioavailability properties suitable for improving the rate of digestion for drugs, like Delta-8 edibles and absorption for topicals.

The Price

Buying ineffective products is one of the worst experiences you wouldn’t wish to encounter. Therefore, evaluate prices for various vendors and settle for the average ones. Extremely cheap 5 mg Delta-8 cartridges are likely to be of poor quality, failing to offer the suggested health benefits or putting you at more risk.

The COA’s Report

This is mandatory on every Delta-8 THC product, even with 5 g. This will prevent you from overdosing or taking contaminated products. Ensure the Delta-8 purity levels are assessed using an IOS-certified lab, or it has to be approved by the FDA. Concentrate on two areas;

Potency Levels

You cannot prove that your Delta-8 cartridge has 5 g of THC unless you confirm it from the lab results. Some brands post wrong potency levels, putting you at risk of overdosing. To avoid falling victim to such brands, take time to confirm the actual potency levels. The FDA has also been keen on hemp-based manufacturers and issues warnings to brands putting their customers at risk of overdosing.

Purity Levels

You don’t wish to put your health at risk by vaping chemical solvents or fine heavy metals since they will damage your general health. The most effective precaution is to assess the purity levels using the COA’s report. The manufacturing process risks contamination of THC with chemical solvents and heavy metals involved in processing.


The last thing you wish to do is overdose unknowingly, thinking you are taking 5g of THC. To avoid such cases, avoid products not assessed for purity levels. Such products are likely to have higher potency levels or contaminants. Besides, the number of hits you take depends on your experience level and body tolerance. If you are a novice, take at most three puffs.


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