How long do the effects of this CBD balm / CBD muscle rub last?


CBD has become the latest trend in the skin care market as the chemical compound, derived from the cannabis plant, is extremely safe and has many health benefits. It has been manipulated to be able to work in different forms, for example balms, oils, creams, bath bombs, vapes, gummies and more.

Two of the most popular CBD treatments are CBD balms and CBD muscle rubs. These products are two of the best CBD pain relief cream treatments that money can buy.

But the benefits of CBD balms don’t just apply to humans. Dogs can also reap the benefits of CBD balms and muscle rubs. The topical goods have healing properties that can work on their skin. If your dog suffers from a skin condition or has wounds, you can apply CBD balm and it will help to heal the targeted area as well as fight off infections.

In this article we want to look at the different benefits that these goods offer but as well as this, how long the products last for on our skin before we need to reapply and assess the positive changes they have made. We also want to look at how CBD can be used on our pets as well and how they could just save you another trip to the vets.

Factors To Consider
There are a few variables that need to be considered that will allow us to assess how long the CBD remedies will last for on our bodies. Here are a few of them:

  • The dosage amount is one of the main factors that come into play because the more you use, the longer it will last. This doesn’t mean to say that you should overuse the product and apply too much. This will ultimately just be a waste and as well as that, if you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to experience side effects if starting with a large dose on your first time of using the product.
  • How often you use it is another factor. If you weren’t aware, CBD can build up over time in your system, therefore if you are a frequent user of the product, it will continue to last in your body for longer. These two products themselves are not ones that we see necessary to apply daily. We feel you would benefit from simply applying once a week.
  • A factor that you can’t really control is your own body. People react differently to different products, for example some will simply be allergic to CBD and in which case shouldn’t use these products at all. But more relevantly, some people will maintain the CBD in their system and feel the effects for longer.

How Long Do The Effects Last?
It’s hard to conclude without knowing the exact facts for the factors above, however, generally speaking, the effects of CBD can last up to around 6 hours. This is enough time for it to target areas of our bodies that are in need of a bit of TLC. Yes, TLC, not to be mistaken with THC!

Is It Safe?
Of course, all CBD products that are sold on the market are safe. CBD is heavily backed by a lot of scientists and CBD reviewers. CBD comes from the cannabis plant but despite that, it doesn’t make you experience psychoactive side effects. The reason for this is because it contains little, to no THC. THC is the chemical compound within cannabis that makes you feel high.

CBD also appears to be tolerated by animals, like our dogs. In fact, there isn’t a limit on how much CBD you can give to your dog. We recommend starting with small doses, like you would on yourself as a beginner. See how much your dog needs depending on the size of the wounds, or skin dryness.

Try CBD For Yourself & On Your Dog

With all that has been said it’s time for you to try CBD for yourself. Whether you want to try a CBD balm, a muscle rub or perhaps something different is completely up to you. There is a whole range of CBD products out there. One of our personal favourites is the Loxa Beauty CBD face scrub.

The same applies to your dog, feel free to use many of the CBD goods on their skin if they are in need of the benefits that these products possess. Just like us, the CBD interacts with the dogs endocannabinoid receptors to maintain a healthy balance within the body.

Nataly Komova

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