How latin americans use CBD oil to help with beard growth


CBD has become one of the best remedies within the skincare industry due to the many properties it has that we all can benefit from. We can use CBD cream for pain, for rejuvenating, for healthier skin, for growth and for mental benefits as well.

CBD is derived from a cannabis plant yet it is completely legal. The reason for this is simple, it contains little to no THC. THC is the chemical compound in a cannabis plant that can give you psychoactive side effects. Due to this, in large doses it is illegal. It is only attained as being legal if the quantity is below 0.3%. Therefore, don’t worry about wondering whether or not you are allowed to use it when you see it stocked in shops or online, just double check the ingredients.


There are as many as 5 Caribbean islands that are currently farming industrial hemp in order to make CBD products. Under the Farm Bill, it is now legal to farm hemp, as it is not being used for the same purpose as mariuana and contains little to no THC.


In this article, we are going to delve into how CBD can be used in an oil to help with beard growth and whether or not that is just a common myth.


CBD Beard Oil Continues To Rise in Latin America


CBD oil can help with beard growth, it is as simple as that. If you need help with growing your beard and giving it that boost it needs, then not to worry, using CBD might be the fix you need. You can also use other types of CBD products that will help with this and more, for example Loxa Beauty CBD Moisturiser.


We see this product really gaining popularity on a global scale, as well as many other CBD goods. The CBD market in the Caribbean and Latin America is already on the rise and the stats suggest it is only going to continue to increase.


CBD Oil For Beard Growth


Using CBD for the purpose of rejuvenating facial hair could be the next big thing in Latin America. These products are beginning to pick up all across the world and it seems Latin America is the next stop! The products are very much affordable and have huge benefits.


Studies of CBD suggest that CBD oil can be used to help with beard growth. The reasoning behind this is because the CBD oils that we apply to our beards contain Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E. Combined, these nutrients can assist us when trying to grow a beard or making our beards look fuller.


The properties of CBD oil will help to increase healthy looking hair growth. CBD will increase the amount of protein in each hair, strengthening the follicles, giving you a stronger beard. The oil can remove damaged or broken skin, allowing a nice surface for new hair to grow on. With all the nutrients it is packed with, it means that if we miss some of these nutrients in our diets, which is very likely as it’s common to not have the perfect balanced diet, then the nutrients in the CBD can help to make up this deficit.


Hair follicles can also get infected, you will be prone to this if you suffer from folliculitis. They get infected from sweating and bacteria entering the hair cell. In order to tackle this, you can use CBD. CBD products carry anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. These factors will help you to keep your beard hair looking and feeling clean, and not getting any spots within the beard from sweating.


How To Apply CBD Oil


The process of applying CBD oil is very simple. Anyone can do it and it’s important you apply it correctly to avoid the chance of experiencing a side effect that shouldn’t happen. Follow our quick guide below to apply the oil yourself.


  1. Cleanse your skin before applying the oil, whether it be washing your face briefly in the sink or applying the oil after a shower/ bath. This will allow your skin to be hydrated before the oil is applied. It will also get rid of any dirt you are  carrying on your skin.
  2. Dry your beard once it has been cleaned, so that the oil can soak into it properly.
  3. Start with a small dose if this is your first time using the product. You can gradually increase your dosage once your skin has gotten used to the oil.

Massage the oil into your beard, making sure it is evenly spread.

Nataly Komova

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