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FOCL is one of the CBD-manufacturing companies. It majorly offers broad-spectrum extracts and one line of full-spectrum formulations. Its consumption methods include capsules, tinctures, gummies, and topicals. Should you try its products? Maybe, but before then, read through the details about this company, including the pros and cons of this brand, as explained below.

About the Company

FOCL was launched in 2019 and is, therefore, about 2 years old in the CBD space. According to its website, it is committed to its consumers and to producing high-quality CBD products from US-sourced hemp to help people benefit from CBD and related cannabinoids. The brand states that it works collectively with wellness experts, chemists, and doctors to identify the best ingredients that bring out the best in CBD effects, giving the mind and body phenomenal results. This explains why the brand uses MCT oil as a primary ingredient and incorporates it in most of the products in its inventory to increase bioavailability and make phytocannabinoids easily absorbed.

FOCL is not only about producing high-quality CBD products and selling them to users; it’s also about education. It has an educative section on its site label ‘Want to Learn More About CBD?’ which addresses common CBD vocabulary, why CBD might make a good daily supplement, and your expectations as you venture into CBD products. The website is straightforward, making navigation easy. Besides, the shopping experience on the site is easy, rather intuitive and straightforward, considering that products are grouped by type as gummies, tinctures/drops, capsules, and topicals, and by solution/purpose as focus, relief, relax, sleep, and immunity. If you want to reach out to the brand’s customer care desk, you can do so by sending mails to the given P.O. Box address, calling the agents using the phone number provided on the website, and sending an email through the email address offered on the site.


The following specifications are true for FOCL;

  • The clean, safe, and efficient CO2 extraction method strips CBD from the hemp surfaces
  • MCT oil formulation improves the bioavailability of extracts
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The total CBD concentrations per product range between 10 mg and 2000 mg
  • CBD isolates, broad- and full-spectrum formulations available
  • Extract consumption methods include capsules, tinctures, gummies, and topicals
  • Rigorous 3rd party tests
  • Organic hemp farms
  • Free shipping for orders worth $75 and above
  • Multiple bundles, coupons, and discounts
  • 15% off total order for first-time buyers

Buying Experience

We enjoyed our buying experience on the FOCL website. The site is simple, straightforward, and easily navigable. Products are grouped by types as gummies/chews, topicals, capsules, and tinctures, or by solution/intent as focus, sleep, relief, relax, and immunity. The buying process is rather intuitive and depends on what you want. You only need to browse through the page, choose what you need, and add them to the cart.

Once you are done selecting your ideal products, the site prompts you to check out and provide your billing details and physical address for the delivery to be shipped. You can also log into your account if you are a returning buyer and fill out the details. What’s more, you key in the discounts code at this stage if you have any discount. When all this is done, the order is processed, and shipping starts. The brand provides free shipping for all orders worth $75 and above. Moreover, the 60-day money-back guarantee allows buyers to raise complaints when, for one reason or the other, a product does not meet their expectations, and they can get full refunds when the claims are justified.

Variety of Products

Although FOCL does not offer an overly large product line, it offers a decent assortment of tinctures, gummies, topicals, and capsules. Besides, the 10- 2000 mg range of concentrations for these products is ideal, taking into accounts novices who need to go slow on the concentrations and veterans who would not mind strongly concentrated CBD products. The items are majorly in broad-spectrum formulations, but one product line offers full-spectrum formulated extracts. What’s more, all the products are formulated with MCT oil to make them more bioavailable.

Manufacturing Process

FOCL is a legal hemp grower that sources its hemp from U.S. farms. The hemp plants are organically and sustainably grown, minimizing chances of getting chemicals, pesticides, and solvents into the human system. The company uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces. The method is efficient since it removes unwanted parts and leaves versatile compounds needed to realize the health benefits of CBD. Besides, it’s clean since it leaves no solvents behind. The end products as isolate, broad-, and full-spectrum extracts, which are passed to independent labs for 3rd party purity and potency tests. The tests are quality and control requirements that ensure the indicated potencies as per labels match the actual CBD and THC potencies. The 3rd party purity tests ensure products are free of contaminants such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, residues, and solvents. The results for the lab tests can be found in the ‘Lab Analysis’ section. FOCL uses additional ingredients on its products, such as MCT oil, and all are natural.

Range of Products

The following products are offered by FOCL on its website;

  1. FOCL CBD Tinctures

Tinctures and drops form the main line in FOCL’s product inventory. They are vegan-friendly since all the ingredients used in making them are vegan. The tinctures come in broad- and full-spectrum CBD formulations, offering full entourage effects of CBD, CBN, CBG, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, with and without THC, respectively. They feature different CBD concentrations, ranging from 300 mg to 2000 mg. they cost between $39 and $99, translating to an average price point of $0.07 to $0.13, which is well within the mart range. According to the website, the tinctures are strictly taken orally or sublingually.

  1. FOCL CBD Capsules

FOCL CBD capsules come in two options; daytime and nighttime variances. The daytime option suits focus and packs 300 mg CBD isolate, while the nighttime capsules promote sleep and relaxation and contain 600 mg CBD isolates. Besides, the isolates have melatonin, a hormone/supplement that improves sleep quality. Both types of capsules cost $49 but have varied price points of $0.08 and $0.16 per mg CBD for daytime and nighttime capsules, respectively. A serving of these products is 2 caps a time.

  1. FOCL CBD Topicals

FOCL’s topical product line features a cream with 500 mg of CBD isolate. The total CBD amount in the cream is 95.8 mg, revealing a 1 mg/ml potency. Besides, the cream is priced at $39, revealing an average price point of $0.41 per mg CBD. Apart from CBD isolates, the cream features additional ingredients, including shea butter and vitamins. All these are natural, and their benefits are reaped when one rubs the cream smoothly on the affected area.

  1. FOCL CBD Gummies or Soft Chews

Many people cannot tolerate the aftertaste of CBD oils and opt for edible CBD products. FCL has an edible product line with gummies or soft chews that contain 10 mg of CBD isolates. The gummies come in a 30-count pack, delivering 300 mg CBD. According to the brand, the gummies are strictly for oral, discreet, nutritious, and tasty use and should not be taken otherwise. Like other products in FOCL’s inventory, the chews are made using CO2 extracted CBD. The gummies cost $39, resulting in a $0.13 per mg average price point.

  1. FOCL Coupon, Bundles, and Discounts

You can save as much as 20% total cost by taking advantage of FOCL’s coupons, gifts, bundles, discounts. The brand has affiliate and referral programs that help you save cash by working with FOCL as an affiliate or referring others. Besides, the brand offers veterans a military discount when they confirm their identity. Moreover, buying items with the brand for the first time and subscribing to its newsletter discounts you. Lastly, you can buy bundled products with multiple items from the same category or across all categories and save as much as 25%.

What We Like About the Company

Our review for FOCL identified many things we appreciate, including;

  • The brand provides free shipping for orders worth $75 and above to all destinations, making it convenient for all clients to have their orders shipped for free
  • Every product page offers sufficient information about the given product, helping a person understand the item before adding it to the cart
  • You can save a few bucks by taking advantage of the company’s bundles, coupons, and discounts
  • The website is straightforward and easily navigable, making the shopping experience intuitive and enjoyable
  • The customer care section handling emails was responsive since we got answers to our questions only a few days after reaching out to the company
  • FOCL helps its users learn more about CBD to understand the cannabinoid before it, especially through the ‘Learn’ section that discusses CBD and how the various products on the website differ
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied buyers to raise complaints and receive full refunds when the claims are justified
  • The company provides lab test results on the ‘Lab Analysis’ section of the website, showing its commitment to ensuring quality on its products
  • FOCL avails its products in three possible formulations; isolate, broad-, and full-spectrum CBD extracts, bringing all types of CBD consumers on-board
  • The site helps visitors to it, and CBD users understand more about the people behind the brand, who created it, and the mission for the existence of the brand

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Like a coin with two sides, FOCL has its unlikable sides. Here are some things we did not appreciate about the brand.

  • Contact details are limited to a phone number, an email address, and physical location address, but no instant messaging feature for reaching the customer care desk in real-time
  • Although FOCL has a fairly large concentration range, it features only a few product lines, making it necessary for it to expand its product lines
  • The $75 threshold for free shipping is high, and not every user will attain it

Our Verdict

Our review for FOCL was fairly good. The brand offers extracts in the three possible formulations; isolate, broad-, and full-spectrum CBD. It provides capsules, gummies, tinctures, and topicals for these formulations. It conducts thorough third-party tests and posts the results online. It also has wonderful customer service where the agents respond fast. Nevertheless, the brand can do better by expanding its product lines and lowering the free shipping threshold.


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