Delta 8 THC in vermont: is it legal & where to buy it in 2022?


Since April 2020, delta- 8 THC has been banned in Vermont, so you cannot enjoy any of its products here. The best way to buy the cannabinoid in Vermont would be to find it online, but this is impossible since the cannabinoid is illegal.

Although Vermont is the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana after allowing legal use of medical cannabis since 2004, it banned delta- 8 THC. This may come as a shock, given that delta 8 THC has not been categorically declared illegal at federal levels as long as it has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight and comes from hemp. In states where it is legal, you can find it in stores or online, but the latter is better since it allows you have many options to explore and venture into quality. However, you cannot enjoy delta- 8 THC legally in Vermont, and while many opt for the black market for the cannabinoid, it can compromise quality and still land you in the hands of the police. Here is all you need to know about the cannabinoid’s position in Vermont.

What Is Delta- 8 THC?

You must know delta- 8 THC before ordering any of its products. It has become part of the most sought cannabinoids, so you need details about it. A study by Freeman et al. (2021) showed that cannabis plants have many active chemical compounds, and delta- 8 THC is one of them. Expounding on it, Bozman et al. (2022) and a US FDA (2022) report showed that its stands out for mildly psychoactive action. Thus, it results in a high effect of THC, but the effects are rather tamed. Can you enjoy delta- 8 THC in Vermont? See the next section for this.

Is Delta- 8 THC Legal in Vermont?

State cannabis laws vary widely, and while a compound may be legal in one state, it could be illegal in another, and this is ok. Can you legally enjoy delta- 8 THC in Vermont? Sadly, no; you cannot take its edibles, capsules, topicals, and vape oils since the compound is banned in Vermont. Starting April 2020, the state came out and categorically declared the cannabinoid illegal, which came as a shock since delta- 8 THC is federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill, provided it features less than 0.3% THC and comes from hemp.

Where to Buy Delta- 8 THC in Vermont

Where can you buy delta- 8 THC in Vermont? Unfortunately, you cannot legally buy it in Vermont since it is illegal, and whether you go online or in-store, you cannot venture into its regime. The only way to source delta- 8 THC in Vermont is to shop from the black market, which is risky since you will likely take low-quality products home and will still be subject to police enforcement when caught. In states where the cannabinoid is legal, you can buy it in stores or online, and you have to choose which option to follow. In-store delta- 8 THC shopping does not involve paying delivery fees but may compromise quality. See below for the benefits of online shopping and why you should consider it.

Benefits of Shopping Delta- 8 THC Online

You may not be able to shop online for delta- 8 THC in Vermont since the cannabinoid is illegal here. However, if your state allows the legal purchase of delta- 8 THC, shopping online allows you to have many products and brands, exposing you to variety. Besides, the more the products, the easier it is to find quality picks at the best prices. Online delta- 8 THC shopping also lets you know much about a brand and probably view its 3rd party test results, so you can rest assured of the item you take home. Online delta- 8 THC is not easily contaminated and may be safer than in-store.

Do You Need a Medical Cannabis Card to Buy Delta- 8 THC in Vermont?

Most states in the US are embracing a medical cannabis card under medical cannabis programs, and you may wonder if the cards can help you legally access delta- 8 THC. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the cannabinoids legally, even with a medical cannabis card. Vermont has a medical cannabis program issuing medical cannabis cards, but they only allow you to legally buy high-delta-9 THC cannabis products if you have a state-defined eligible medical condition. Meanwhile, the state also allows you to take recreational cannabis and is actually the 11th state to have legalized cannabis for personal use.

Delta- 8 vs. Delta- 10 THC

You must know that delta- 8 THC is not the only THC variant; there are other forms you need to know about, especially if you are joining its regime. Deltas- 8, 9, and 10 THC belong to the THC class and boast the same chemical formulas. However, they have different double bond positioning, which affects the degree of their psychoactive effects. Delta- 9 THC has a double bond on the 9th carbon, and according to Schlienz et al. (2018), it is highly psychoactive. Meanwhile, delta- 8 THC is double bonded on the 8th carbon, and as Kruger & Kruger (2022) noted, it is mildly psychoactive. Delta- 10 THC has its double bond on the 10th carbon and is also mild in action.

How to Use Delta- 8 THC

The following are delta- 8 THC products you want to try in states that consider the cannabinoid legal (but not Vermont);

  1. Edibles; you can munch delta- 8 THC gummies and other edibles to allow you to get the most from the cannabinoid and enjoy taste.
  2. Capsules; you can opt for capsules that take long to deliver delta- 8 THC but last long.
  3. Vape oils; except for lung irritation, vape oils are the best for fast delta- 8 THC delivery and results.
  4. Topicals; like CBD, delta- 8 THC features topicals like lotion oils you want to apply for external skin benefits.
  5. Distillates; dabbing delta- 8 THC distillates allow you to benefit from the cannabinoid’s concentrated forms.
  6. Smokable hemp; you can smoke hemp flower to get the most from delta- 8 THC, but this may mean serious lung irritation.

Is Delta- 10 THC Legal in Vermont?

Most states that consider delta- 8 THC illegal do not allow legal access to delta- 10 THC, and the reverse is also true. Given that delta- 8 THC is illegal in Vermont, delta- 10 THC is also illegal. Thus, you cannot order delta- 10 THC products like edibles, capsules, vapes, or distillates and legally enjoy them in the state. While the black market is an option, it does not guarantee product quality and the best thing to do is wait for Vermont to legalize it.

What Is the Future of Delta- 8 THC in Vermont?

In April 2020, Vermont declared delta- 8 THC illegal. This does not seem to change soon since no bills push for its legalization, so we cannot say the cannabinoid’s future is bright here. However, since Vermont allows legal cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes, there is every reason to believe that it may allow you to legally enjoy delta- 8 THC soon.


Delta- 8 THC has been banned in Vermont from April 2020. Thus, the state’s residents cannot enjoy its edibles, topicals, vape oils, distillates, smokable hemp, and other forms. You cannot legally buy delta- 8 THC in Vermont unless you want police enforcement. Meanwhile, in states where it is legal, you can shop it online to allow you to have many options and explore quality.


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