Delta 8 THC in utah: is it legal & where to buy it in 2022?


Although Utah has legalized weed for medical use, delta- 8 THC, a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid that is legal federally, is illegal in this state. The best way to buy the cannabinoid is to find it online among reliable suppliers who offer many product options and guarantee quality, but this is impossible in Utah.

Are you in Utah and would like to take delta- 8 THC? Sadly, it is illegal in this state, and you cannot enjoy any of its products. Delta- 8 THC is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid and a THC isomer that many opt for when they cannot take delta- 9 for its psychotropic effects. Federal laws allow the legal use of hemp derivatives, including delta- 8 THC, as long as it has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight. However, state laws vary, and while it is legal in some states, others consider it illegal. Utah is one state where delta- 8 THC is banned, and this article expounds on this.

What Is Delta- 8 THC?

Before trying delta- 8 THC, you need to know it. Many controversies surround delta- 8 THC, and sometimes, it is challenging to tell it apart from related compounds. Freeman et al. (2021) conducted a study that showed that cannabis plants have more than 540 chemical compounds, and delta- 8 THC is one of them. Explaining what it is, Bozman et al. (2022) and a US FDA (2022) report defined it as a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid. This means it results in a high delta- 9 THC effect, but it is tamed. In fact, many cannabis fans vote in delta- 8 THC to delta- 9 since its psychosis is tamed.

Is Delta- 8 THC Legal in Utah?

State cannabis laws vary, so you must establish whether delta- 8 THC is legal where you want to enjoy it. In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed, allowing people to enjoy hemp derivatives with less than 0.3% THC per dry weight. Is delta- 8 THC legal in Utah? Sadly, you cannot enjoy the cannabinoid in Utah. Although the state allows medical cannabis use, it banned delta- 8 THC. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the Cannabis Decriminalization Mandate in Utah Code 58. 37.3.7 declared industrial hemp and medical cannabis legal. However, delta- 8 THC is regarded as a Controlled Substance in Utah, so you cannot enjoy any of its products here.

Where to Buy Delta- 8 THC in Utah

Even if you are a great delta- 8 THC fan, you cannot legally enjoy the cannabinoid in Utah. Yet, this does not stop you from knowing how to buy it, especially since we hope the state declares it legal in the future. You can buy delta- 8 THC locally, where you visit vape stores, head shops, natural health outlets, organic shops, or gas stations that stock cannabinoids and see whether delta- 8 THC is one of the cannabinoids they offer. This method may seem cheap since you don’t pay delivery fees, but you cannot confirm the products you buy to be genuine. Given this, the next section explores online delta- 8 THC shopping so you can see how it compares to the in-store option.

Benefits of Shopping Delta- 8 THC Online

Online delta- 8 THC shopping is the best way to find your best picks and will certainly not disappoint. You will find it convenient that your orders come to your doorstep and that you don’t need to shop again. Besides, as you shop online, you expose yourself to many brands and products, resulting in various items. This may mean buying your favorite products at the best prices while still hitting on quality. Since you have all the time to research a brand and review its 3rd party test results as you shop delta- 8 THC online, the chances of taking quality items home are high.

Do You Need a Medical Cannabis Card to Buy Delta- 8 THC in Utah?

Most US states have adopted a medical cannabis program that offers medical cannabis cards to people with state-defined eligible conditions to allow them access cannabis legally. Does the card help you to buy delta- 8 THC legally in Utah? No, the cannabinoid is illegal in Utah, and you cannot buy it with or without a medical cannabis card. According to Utah HB 3001, medical cannabis is legal, but you cannot enjoy the same for recreational use. Thus, having a medical cannabis card makes no difference in legally accessing delta- 8 THC in Utah.

Delta- 8 vs. Delta- 10 THC

Delta- 8 THC is not the only THC form around; there are other variants you must know about when joining the THC regime. Deltas- 8, 9, and 10 have the same chemical formulas, so they are isomers. However, they have different double bond positions, translating to varying degrees in high effects. They have double bonds on the 8th, 9th, and 10th carbon atoms, respectively. Kruger & Kruger (2022) defined delta- 8 THC as a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid allowing controlled high effects, and so do people find delta- 10 THC, and the two are mostly legal federally in many states. Schlienz et al. (2018) noted that delta- 9 THC is psychoactively high, the primary reason it remains illegal federally and in many US states.

How to Use Delta- 8 THC

Delta- 8 is illegal in Utah, so you may not enjoy it here. However, in states where it is legal, you can opt for the following products to get the most from it;

  1. Edibles; you can take delta- 8 THC gummies and edibles to enjoy the cannabinoid with taste and flavor.
  2. Capsules; delta- 8 THC caps will take time to relay needed effects but once they kick in, they allow you to enjoy consistent effects.
  3. Oils and tinctures; maybe earthy, but they allow you to effectively deliver delta- 8 THC to the body.
  4. Topicals; you can apply delta- 8 THC lotions and body oils to the skin.
  5. Vape oils; you can vape delta- 8 THC to feel fast effects, but the process may irritate the lungs.
  6. Distillates; for concentrated delta- 8 THC delivery, dab the cannabinoid’s distillates.

Is Delta- 10 THC Legal in Utah?

Delta- 10 THC recently came to the limelight and many have embraced it, fully enjoying it. Can you legally take it in Utah? No, like delta- 8 THC, delta- 10 THC is banned in the state. So, you cannot take its edibles, oils, topicals, capsules, and other delivery methods. In states where delta- 8 THC is legal, delta- 10 THC is equally legal, and you can enjoy the various forms it takes.

What Is the Future of Delta- 8 THC in Utah?

Delta- 8 THC is illegal in Utah, and you cannot take it with or without a medical cannabis card. There being no bills pushing for its legalization in the state, we would not say its future is bright. However, given that Utah is progressing its cannabis reforms and allows legal use of medical cannabis, we hope it can legalize delta- 8 THC. Meanwhile, take time to know much about delta- 8 THC so that when the state legalized it, you can enjoy what you fully know.


Are you here to know more about Utah’s delta- 8 THC situation? You are in the right place, and this blog must have covered your needs. It shows that delta- 8 THC is illegal in Utah, and there does not seem to be a bright future for it since no bills are pushing for its legalization. Thus, you cannot shop for any product featuring the cannabinoid, although in states where it is legal, the best way to shop is to find it online. You will have many product options and can readily venture into quality.


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